The JBK Wellness Labs philosophy extends beyond creating formulas for health and beauty care retailers and spas, but a personal mission… driven by ancient family wisdom and skill, as passed down through a family lineage. Our mission is to open the door to the healthiest, most youthful, and rejuvenated condition possible without adverse side-effects, which often stem from improperly formulated products. We are proud to offer exclusive custom extracts and premixes rooted in East Asian medicine for health and beauty care. We only use the highest possible levels of all-natural and ethically wild harvested herbs synergistically combined to achieve ultimate health and wellness for any human or pet our formulas are used on.



Tao of Man is a premiere line of men’s grooming and skincare products. It is no coincidence that the initials for Tao Of Man are T.O.M., the acronym associated with Traditional Oriental Medicine. What separates Tao of Man from other skincare companies is that our formulas are composed of herbal extracts that have been handed down for generations and have been used specifically in Traditional Oriental Medicine to treat a number of skin conditions. Tao of Man grew out of the realization that professional skin care is missing the mark when it comes to men. Men are prone to particular skin issues that are man-specific: think razor burn, ingrown hairs, and collar rub. But most men’s skincare products either overstate the benefits or take too much precious time to use. That is why Tao of Man was created. They are not good products and they are not great products…they are the best products.




A Revolutionary Line of Proprietary Herbal Essence Oil Blends

The healing powers of essential oils is one of the cornerstone elements of a spa, and what we now reveal is unlike anything you have seen so far. Orience utilizes powerful proprietary herbal essential oil blends that have been handed down for centuries and combines them with the technology and luxury of modern times to give you the most effective and prestigious essential oil line available.