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The overhead workout bar is made from high-grade tubular steel and will safely support up to 300 pounds. Using a power rack can be beneficial in many ways. You will bolt it directly into the wood stringers (which are bolted into the studs). The three most common frame styles to choose from are full power rack, half power rack, and folding power racks. Joe My plans aren't really the best just a lot of notes and sketches - pictures: PIC ONE | PIC TWO | PIC THREE | PIC FOUR | PIC FIVE | PIC SIX, Dan Could you email me the plans for this? These along with some of the other hardware were purchased at my local hardware store. However, it may also have more add-on options and features. Rob Any measurements for the Lat Tower? This power cage includes both high and low pulley attachments, a solid steel chrome pull-up bar and 4 weight holder bars. But if you are doing bench presses and shoulder presses or even flies to name a few, it is important that you have a bench. For safety reasons, it is also very important that you invest in 2 barbell collars. The CAP Barbell Deluxe comes with two regular bar catches and two 15” spotter arms. Otherwise, for anyone who plans on maxing out over 300 pounds of weight now or in the future, it would be highly recommended you consider the 600 to 1000 pound maximum weight capacity power racks for your home gym. If you are serious about working out and workout regularly, then you may consider opting for one of the more advanced power racks with the extra features. The scale works like this; a rectangle may be in the picture that measures 0.73"x3.75" It is a 1:10 scale. Your website is great. Not to forget, this power rack is also loaded with extra features such as the adjustable dip bars, adjustable pull-up and chin-up bars, and upper lat pulley system and low row pulley with bars. Commercial Power Rack with Lat Pull Down / Pulley. These bars act as spotters to safeguard you should you not be able to finish that last rep. And also give you peace of mind when forcing an extra rep without having to worry about getting stuck. Some will have extra features. If hole spacing is too wide it is harder to get the right setting for your specific exercise or body size; more than 3-4” is not ideal. I had to round to nearest tenth of an inch to get excel to accept it (7.25 = 7.3). Or even the Marcy Olympic. You will find commercial grade power racks used in gyms to easily cost a few thousand bucks. Welding strength is important but is not a factor I would be very concerned about. To step-up your workout intensity 6 band posts are available to add resistance bands to your workout routine. The 2 wood stringers will be bolted to the studs for the top and bottom locations. The frame of this rack is made from 2 inches by 2-inch steel and has 17 positions for the bar supports and safety catches ranging from 17 and 1/2 inches all the way to 68 inches. Thus making sure you can always drop your weight safely without getting pinned under the barbell should you not be able to complete that last rep. FTS Hi/Low Pulley Option (#48054) – This option turns the FTS Power Rack into a multi-function rack and cable machine. Installation Tips for the Titan T-3 Folding Power Rack: This folding Power Rack requires some extra handy work for you to securely mount it to a wall. Utilize 1” standard plates on the weight carriage pegs in order to perform various exercises on the Lat Pull Down or Low Row. Copyright 2020 York Barbell USA, Ltd. All rights reserved. The small amount you pay extra now will pay off tenfold in years to come. Weights are in fine shape and not damaged. FTS 2″ Olympic Adapter Sleeve (#48010) – The 2” Olympic Adapter Sleeve can be used on the Hi/Low Pulley option to allow 2” Olympic plates to be utilized on the weight carriage pegs. Power racks are designed to support extremely heavy weights, and require an additional barbell and Olympic sized weights. Ultimately, your decision will depend on your workout goals, and fitness level. If you’re going to have a power rack that takes up a good size footprint, then you may as well have all the bells and whistles you can get. Sort By. Every power rack needs at least one barbell and weight plates to go with it. Another aspect to consider and related to width space is the added room needed to compensate your barbell. This power rack uses more floor space but is nonetheless the more popular choice among all power racks. © 2020 Titan Manufacturing and Distributing INC. All Rights Reserved. 8. More than enough for any level of powerlifter or strength training enthusiast. 2 sets of American Weightlifting Oly Competition Plates ( 2 x 25s, 2 x 20s, 2 x 15s, 2 x 10s and full change plates). What do you think? | Footprint: 86”D x 52”W x 86”H Weight: 301 lbs. Typically an Olympic barbell will measure around 7” and weigh 44lbs. This design has a maximum weight capacity of 600 pounds and also includes a bench. NEW: The Vanswe OLYMPIC Power Rack is a great pick for those who need a heavy-duty 1000 lb maximum weight capacity rack. This is easily done by adjusting the safety catches or support bars. It has been very difficult to decide which power rack to consider as my top pick Editor’s Choice in this lineup of heavy-duty cages. – Footprint: 44”D x 47”W x 82”H – Weight: approx. Closely related to frame size, the frame style can also be helpful when deciding which design may better fit your available workout area. The power rack makes it easy to target a specific range of motion on a particular exercise. Therefore, each stringer should have 12 ¼” lag bolts. HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage with J-Hooks, Dip Bars and Othe… The Fitness Training Series Power Cage will help you work out safely and efficiently while performing squats, military press, bench press, curls, shrugs, and more. These along with some of the other hardware were purchased at my local hardware store. Use the pulley tower for lat pulls and low rows STURDY STEEL CONSTRUCTION: This power rack and pulley tower are made from heavy-duty, high-quality steel. The 4 J-hooks will support a 7” Olympic size barbell. If you can’t decide which is better for you, maybe we can help. This power rack is your basic design with only 2 vertical support beams, also known as a half cage. And for your barbell the and the spinlock collars. It is not uncommon to add 100 to 200 pounds of weight to your current workout max over the years. Four Storage pegs can accommodate 1” plates or 2” plates with the addition of FTS 2” Olympic Adapter Sleeves. If you exercise at home, then more than likely you are also working out alone. All equipment below is dusty (saw dust) but in excellent condition. However, don’t let these references be misleading. Would you build it the same way again? siblack4@hotmail.com thanks Simon. Editor’s Choice – Best Quality Power Rack with Lat Pulldown. Having some extra features on your power rack or the option for add-ons in the future can increase your workout options tremendously. Then mount the power rack directly to the wood stringers. FitnessMastered.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, as well as other affiliates and affiliate networks. {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}, 2019 Clear Out Specials While Quantities Last, FTS 200lb Weight Stack Conversion Kit (#48056). All-in-all a small price to pay for the rewards you will get in return. With the added pulley tower, you can now add a lat machine to your rack. Guest Hi, could you email the plans to me. Best fitness power rack for saving space – wall mounted – fold away after use to completely free up space!

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