2006 yamaha fz1 top speed

Whether it will live up to the expectations of each of those is a different matter. Besides the obligatory indicator lamps, you get twin tripmeters, a bar-graph fuel gauge, a fuel-reserve tripmeter (which shows distance traveled since the fuel-meter started flashing), a clock and a digital coolant temperature readout you can toggle over to an intake (ambient) air temperature indicator. Enough for most people I reckon. You have entered an incorrect email address! The torque graph line is quite smooth and flat; torque, however, has slid by 4 lb-ft, from a peak of 72.2 lb-ft at 7,500 rpm in last year’s bike down to 68.0 at 9,250 revs. Yet the bike loves to rev and makes its best power just shy of the rev limiter. Smaller, lighter and cooler than before. Copyright © 2020 Motorcyclist. Rear-wheel horsepower is up by six ponies to 131. This can really be felt in the top-end rush-the bike was powerful before, and now it’s truly a screamer. Most obvious is the lack of fairing. Along with more horsepower and sportier suspension and chassis specs, the FZ1’s rider accommodations have been changed accordingly. The motor is re-tuned for a claimed 150bhp at 11,000rpm and 78lb.ft at 8000rpm, with a 12,000rpm redline, 1750rpm lower than the R1's. The biggest difference between the two is psychological; the FZ1 looks so mean and purposeful (even if the more practical Fazer offers a greater multitude of purposes) that potential owners will doubtless be hoping some of that rubs off on them. The revised flat-track-style handlebar is an inch lower and a half-inch back. The swingarm has been upgraded, and this year the FZ1 gets the same cool-looking, five-spoke wheels as the R1. Buying a bike starts at Bikez Get a list of related motorbikes before you buy this Yamaha. The new bike's engine comes from the 2004/'05 R1, not the breathed-on, slightly stronger 2006 version. Both headlights operate all the time on both low and high beams. This results in well-above-average lighting on the dipped beam, and the high beams are awesome, slashing a wide swath far into the night. First Ride: 2006 Yamaha FZ1. owners of the old Fazer 1000, and certainly those acquainted with the current R1's twistgrip, may wonder what's going on in the lower reaches of the rev range. Look at photos. Except Yamaha has decided to spread its bets and offer a naked version too, the FZ1. What is a Yamaha FZ1? It's pared down to the tune of seven kilos, thanks to the discarded bodywork, slimline rear end, and lack of grab rails and centre stand. For now, and for no other reason than because I want to, we'll concentrate on the half-faired Fazer. Thereӳ more fuel-injected power in that smooth 20-valve four-cylinder than most riders will ever use in a sure-footed chassis. Switching from a tubular-steel frame to an aluminum one not only lightens and improves the look of the bike, it also makes the chassis less flexible and adds a solid feel. On the first start in the morning, other than a faster idle, it’s difficult to tell the engine is cold. Thick rubber footpeg pads and rubber isolators at the footpegs and handlebar risers ensure that very little vibration gets through to the rider. Fueling doesn't help either, with a snatchiness to the delivery when trying to feed in small amounts of throttle at low rpm, say around hairpins or out of junctions in town. This is good because a) it looks drop dead, rock hard gorgeous and b) you ain't going far on a 150bhp naked without a physio on standby. Gone is the large one-piece saddle, replaced by individual seats for rider and pillion. 2011 Yamaha YZF-R6 ... Top 15 Fastest Cars. If much of that sounds negative, please take it in context. Bingo, a new FZ1 Fazer. The unfaired FZ1 is everything the faired Fazer manages to be and slightly less. Clutch-lever pull with the cable-actuated system is on the high end of moderate, yet modulation is excellent and it hooks up well with no unwanted slippage or chattering. If you’re interested in the 2006 Yamaha FZ1, you might also be interested in Rider‘s Sport-Standard Comparo featuring the 2008 Yamaha FZ1, Kawasaki Z1000 and Triumph Speed Triple. There are potentially brilliant bikes in both the Fazer and the FZ1, but Yamaha has chosen only to provide us with good ones. Primary and final drive ratios are the same, as are first to fourth gear ratios, while fifth and sixth are a touch taller for longer- legged cruising. Launching the bike from a standstill requires a little more clutch work than before, and it helps to carry more revs, slipping the clutch longer to get going initially. The Yamaha FZ1‘s engine is very flexible; you can idle along in first gear in traffic without bucking, and lug it down to 30 mph in sixth if the authorities are around. 1st pass 6th gear pull. But is that enough to make the FZ1 the perfect liter-class naked bike? In back, you’ll find a single shock with seven-step adjustable preload. 1. There is a tradeoff, however, and it is low-end torque. But to remove so much from the low and midrange seems odd. This makes windblast something of an issue, and sustained speeds in excess of 90mph or so are an ordeal (an optional, token flyscreen is available), but there are further effects worth noting.

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