alternative careers for veterinary nurses

The most successful companies are those that understand their customers, and help to solve real problems that their market is facing. YouTube millionaires have been made in every area from gaming to parenting. Corporate Health Consultant: Corporate Health Consultants work with corporate outfits to develop … The insights she gained have helped her work out what she wants next from her career, Emma Callaghan says that volunteering has brought variety, interest and opportunity to her life and has renewed her enthusiasm for veterinary work, Despite loving working as a vet technician, Sandra Kenny still had a niggling desire to become a vet. A number of possibilities are often overlooked, but are potentially as satisfying and rewarding as "traditional" veterinary jobs. It’s this gray area that many vets say is causing great doctors to turn away from the profession. Posted January 16th, 2020 by SynergyVets & filed under Veterinary Job tips, Veterinary Nursing. It is a role that is seen as an ideal job for plenty of animal lovers but, along with all the positives, there can be downsides to the role too. Academy of Veterinary Behavior Technicians. Many people assume anyone studying for – or just graduating from – a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVetMed) course is hoping to become... a vet, of course. Nursing school provides you with all the skills you need to become a qualified nurse. Whatever your reasons for considering a career change from veterinary nursing, you can rest assured that there a plenty of options. The average veterinarian works 9-14 hour days at least 261 days a year, and all for a sub-six figure salary. Being a veterinarian is incredibly hard work. Read more about the profession here, There are many things you can do with your vet degree if practice isn't for you. If an alternative career to veterinary nursing is what you are after, then you may be surprised at the number of doors that are already open to you as possible new roles. 437 Alternative Veterinary jobs available on It’s ideal for veterinarians who value autonomy, particularly for those who feel burned out or frustrated with their experience at a corporate veterinary practice. Is it ethical to “steer” patients in a specific direction simply because of a corporate partnership? All Rights Reserved, Further Qualifications & Training for Veterinary Nurses. From the moment a client calls about a potentially infectious pet, the veterinary nurse’s knowledge of the disease process and hospital protocols is key to making informed decisions about patient handling. Can you say… pet detective? I've mentored thousands of RNs who have gone on to successful new nursing careers with more money, more free time, and more satisfaction. If your life takes you in a direction that means the long hours or limited pay of veterinary nursing are becoming a strain, it could be worth taking a look at alternative careers for veterinary nurses. Veterinary disaster response positions are available at local, national, and international levels. In this interview, she describes her government career and highlights some of the transferable vet skills that can be valuable within the Civil Service, Felicity Caddick is a senior veterinary manager at a pharmaceutical company, as well as being the proud holder of a lesser-known Guinness World Record, If you feel you’ve reached a point in your career where a rethink or reboot might be needed, coaching or mentoring could help you find a way forward. Oh, and they work exactly how much they want to work exactly when they want to. Anyone who works within the veterinary professions will know just how rewarding being a veterinary nurse can be. I also know that RNs aren't afraid of a challenge or a little hard work. For example, a great avenue to go down if you want to stay directly within the veterinary sphere is to consider veterinary practice management. Plenty of options in domestic veterinary jobs exist, including: These, however, are not the only roads leading to a career working with animals. – and we never, ever ask them to work towards production goals or sales quotas. Obtaining that degree, however, still requires a lot of long hours, and hard work. Consider your business plan now, How to become a vet working in teaching and academia, Leaving clinical practice for an alternative career, Vets: Stay, Go or Diversify LIVE – reflections on an inspirational weekend. What else can you do with your vet degree in government? Vetted vets are self-starters, they’re organized, and they don’t need a lot of oversight to manage their own schedule or priorities. There are still an abundance of opportunity for veterinary graduates, and plenty of exciting career options for those willing to venture off the traditional path. If it is the lack of flexibility within the veterinary nursing role that is causing the desire for change, but you really want to remain using your vet nurse skills, you could consider locum veterinary nurse work. The demand from pet owners for physiotherapy, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments is on the rise. These organizations are also willing to pay very healthy salaries to obtain them. Veterinary medicine is broken. Large Animal vs. Small Animal Vet: Which is Right for You? Alternative nurse job #5: legal nurse consultant Legal nurse consulting is an excellent job for nurses who don’t want to be nurses anymore – but still want to utilize the knowledge they have learned while working in … Being a veterinarian is incredibly hard work. At Vetted, vets can practice on a full-time schedule or they can work part-time. 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of a Veterinary Conference. If inspiring younger minds inspires you, this career path might be just what you’re looking for. ‘I thought working in industry might make me deskbound, but my job is so much more’, Considering a coach or mentor? This is an important job role and will require many of the skills you’ve acquired as a veterinary nurse. Those considering moving towards teaching and academia will see available opportunities at all levels, Read about 3 vets who have taken an alternative career after time in Alternative career options for veterinary graduates. The veterinary nursing profession, though numerically small (there are over 12,000 registered veterinary nurses in total), has varied and important duties to support veterinary surgeons in safeguarding the health and welfare of animals. If traditional veterinary medicine feels like it’s falling short of your expectations for what your career could (and should) be, Vetted might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. These veterinarians have completed additional training in … It’s not enough that gaining acceptance to veterinary school is really hard to do. Building your own personal brand narrative can help you achieve this, Vet surgeons, vet nurses and hydrotherapists can make exceptionally good veterinary physiotherapists. Here’s the brief story of a vet who did just that. Similarly to practice management, previous experience of veterinary nursing places you in a great position for knowing the best kind of people to hire within the veterinary sector and where best to place them.

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