american girl our generation

Shoes not Included, Ecore Fun 10 Sets American 18 Inch Doll Clothes and Accessories Doll Outfits Pajamas Dresses Cheerleader Uniform Fit for American Doll, Our Generation Doll, My Life Doll, Our Generation Dolls Polka Dot Doll Camping Set, 18", Brown (BD37050Z), Our Generation-Unicorn Wishes- PJ Outfit & Stuffie- Outfit & Accessories for 18 inch Dolls- Ages 3 Years and Up, Dollie & Me Girls' Apparel Snug Fit Sleepwear Set and Matching Doll Outfit, Bunk Bed for Twin Dolls fits 18 Inch Dolls, Ecore Fun 4 Sets 18 Inch Doll Clothes and Shoe and Cute Bag for Kids Casual Wear Oufits for American 18 Inch Girl Doll Clothes with Hair Band Birthday Gift for Kids, WONDOLL 18-inch Doll-Clothes and Doll-Sleeping-Bag Set - Unicorn-Pajama with Matching Sleepover Masks & Pillow - Compatible with American-Girl-Doll-Clothes, Our-Generation, My-Life Dolls, Our Generation BD30305 OG Fly Dolls Clothes, Various, Emily Rose 18 Inch Doll Furniture for American Girl Dolls | Doll Open Wardrobe 18 Inch Doll Closet with Butterfly Detail, Includes 5 Wooden Doll Clothes Hangers | Fits Our Generation Doll Clothes, Pink Basketball Player Uniform fits 18 Inch Doll, Our Generation Scooter Outfit for 18" Dolls - Owl Be Cruisin'. Hope this helps! 95 Yellow is such a cheerful color, especially in such abundance! I hope this helps! 1st is 1998 doll, next is 2006 doll. I have the measurements for OUR GENERATIONS doll. Their feet are quite a bit narrower than AG dolls and I was wondering if any of the shoe patterns for other dolls could be used for my Maplelea doll (who I can measure for you if you want to add her measurements to the master list above). The OG doll dress form for sale by the company is not the right size for the doll. Being an artist in many areas’ besides making porcelain dolls, I make a lot of doll clothes.. Let your imagination run free by collecting dolls, clothes, accessories books and more! : For the Liberty Jane Skinny Pant Pattern I added an additional ¼" to the side seam on each leg from the hip down (= a total of ½" each leg) and they fit beautifully as a ‘fitted straight leg’ jean using a denim fabric with a next-to-none stretch. i have an ag doll. Some to add: Our Generation, Adora Dolls, Divah Dolls. This website was so helpful to me and my friends. It just drives me crazzzzy!! OR, a hint at what reduction percentage should I use to adapt the patterns myself. Leonie and Isabelle can share clothes; I have tested this already, but not so much with the shoes. Hope one day to see Sasha dolls in the line-up. To summarize; the pattern pieces are tweaked slightly and read over the reviews as they may have to be adjusted to begin with. The next chart shows measurements for a variety of 13"-18" dolls that we have patterns for at Pixie Faire. In answer to the question of Maplelea doll shoes. Hi, I have a Paola Reina doll and it’s not in the list. We also offer doll clothes patterns for 18 inch BFC, Ink. Waist 10 3/4 shoe L-2 1/2" Waist 13" shoe L-2 1/2" I wrote to and got the response, “The mannequin in the [Seams Perfect ] set is for pretend play only and does not reflect the sizing of the Our generation dolls. Any idea?? Some of them they won’t fit the AG doll that my granddaughter has. Thank you so much for these! The Wildflower Maxi Dress - A Pixie Faire Pattern Hack, 1980s Fashion Trends - Designers Scrapbook, How To Bleach Denim To Get An Acid Washed Look For Dolls, 80's Style Oversized Off The Shoulder Tee - A Liberty Jane Pattern Hack. Thank you so much! I own a MA doll, and have ordered a KNC doll (it has not arrived yet). I realize they are no longer made and may not be as popular as the other dolls, but if I had the Karito Kids’ measurements, I could possibly alter the many 18" doll patterns I have purchased.

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