aphis craccivora koch

The adults do not have wax on their dorsal surface but the nymphs are lightly dusted with wax. 32 (3), 499-509. Thus the important natural enemies attacking particular aphid pests on crops tend to vary according to the crop, the circumstances under which it is grown and the climate. However, all experimental levels of infestation caused significant reductions in seed yield, irrespective of the age of the pod (Ofuya, 1989). 142pp. Endocrine Control of Polymorphism and Polyphenism. In Iran, A. craccivora is an important vector of a number of viruses of leguminous crops, including BYMV, CMV, Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV), and Pea-leaf roll virus (PLRV) in lentil. In groundnuts, monitoring pest populations to ensure effective insecticide spray application is combined with the use of cultural methods and resistant cultivars (Mayeux, 1984). Le cycle annual du puceron de l'arachide (Aphis leguminosae Theob.) Neste trabalho, relata-se o ataque do pulgão Aphis craccivora Koch em Catasetum sp. The role of refuge areas in the phenology of Rhopalosiphum padi in low rainfall cropping areas of South Australia. Machado, S. Poncio, S., A. Bolzan, A. Herselman L, Thwaites R, Kimmins FM, Courtois B, Merwe PJAvan der, Seal SE, 2004. Some other members of the craccivora group are morphologically very similar, particularly A. loti (regarded as a synonym by some authors). Australian Journal of Agricultural Research, 29(5):1003-1010. Economic injury level of, Shimantini Borkataki, Purnima Das, Deka RL, Karishma Das, Somar Hazarika, 2016. Nelson R. Cabej, in Building the Most Complex Structure on Earth, 2013. Diniz & E. Berti-Filho, 2016. HYPPZ on line : Species (scientific name), Pests (common names), Glossary, Crops. The economic damage due to aphids varies with the stage of plant development, with most damage caused if aphids infest the growing points of groundnut early in the plant's development (Mayeux, 1984). Wightman JA, Ranga Rao GV, 1994. In: Plumb RT, ed. CIE, 1983. Brunt AA, Crabtree K, Dallwitz MJ, Gibbs AJ, Watson L (eds), 1996. Studies on the capability of Cheilomenes lunata (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) to prey on the cowpea aphid, Aphis craccivora Koch (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Nigeria. Laura Tomassoli, ... Heinrich-Josef Vetten, in Advances in Virus Research, 2012. McDonald SA, Halbert SE, Tolin SA, Nault BA, 2003. ), 24:251-260. Estimation of economic injury level of. Mulching and other cultural practices used in IPM in groundnuts in the USA were described by Wightman and Ranga Rao (1994). Distal part of femur, siphunculi and cauda black. Infections of Groundnut rosette assistor virus (GRAV), in the absence of GRV and its satellite RNAs, reduced leaf area, decreased plant height, reduced the dry weight of haulms and reduced seed weight in four genotypes of groundnut, indicating that infections of GRAV alone can affect plant growth and contribute to yield losses (Naidu and Kimmins, 2007). Bangladesh Journal of Plant Pathology, 20(1/2):71-76. Available on: . Olfactometer experiments were conducted in the laboratory to study the influence of host odour and population of conspecifics on apterae and alatae of cowpea aphid Aphis craccivora Koch. A.fabae is a small-sized dull-black insect (1.5–2 mm), sometimes with a segmented abdomen that is marked with a powdery secretion. Arquivos do Instituto Biológico, 54: 45-47. The groundnut aphid. Journal of Applied Entomology, 123(7):401-405; 27 ref. Merwe PJAvan der, Subrahmanyam P, Hildebrand GL, Reddy LJ, Nigam SN, Chiyembekeza AJ, Busolo-Bulafu CM, Kapewa T, 2001.

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