application of bioinformatics in biodiversity

Lectures were coupled to practical sessions specially adapted for the course goals and making use of FLOSS. This space has capacity for a maximum of 15 people. The main purpose of the course was the analysis of a simplified microarray (created from a microscope slide using as genomic model Arabidopsis thaliana) to study gene expression during the photosynthesis process. Central America, being at the continent’s central region, is also considered a sub-continent that connects North America with South America. Ante el auge del uso de nuevas tecnologías en Biología, la bioinformática se ha convertido en una rama prometedora ante las recientes propuestas de organizar y sistematizar las especies que habitan la Tierra, con el fin de desarrollar una herramienta analítica para procesar hipótesis sobre la biodiversidad y la ecología de las especies que la componen. The workshops included academic training topics such as sequence analysis, biological databases, molecular structures, microarrays, workflow design and modeling and quantum and molecular dynamics. The first Bioinformatics infrastructure of the Central American region was installed at the Informatics Center of the University of Costa Rica, promoted by University of Costa Rica Medical School. One of the most recent examples is the Central American Bioinformatics and Health Sciences Education Workshop, given through INISA (National Institute of Health Research) in Costa Rica in 2010. This forum highlighted the relevance of Bioinformatics for the identification of bacterial and fungal genes that attack different crops and to help define strategies to fight them. The main objective of BIOCANET is to develop a Central American cooperation network of biocomputing services for research, technology development and Bioinformatics education associated to project developments on Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Molecular Medicine, Genomics, Proteomics and other Omics in general. All content in this area was uploaded by Lucas Gonçalves da Silva on Apr 05, 2017,  ,  ! These cooperations have been conversely reflected in the notorious participation of many international institutions in the event, both from Central America like Guatemala, Panama or Costa Rica, etc. Since 2009 to 2012, 4573 students graduated from private universities in careers related to Computing Engineering, Systems Informatics, Software Development, Biological Sciences and Education. The University of Costa Rica’s Clodomiro Picado Institute (ICP) is a research center focused on the study of snake venom and antidotes. Biological databases are spread out for computer’s world network and each time more had access for biological information sources. These were the first Central American Bioinformatics participations on relevant global events (School of Medicine, University of Costa Rica). Costa Rica has been involved in SOIBIO since its origins, being a co-founder of the Society, and actively participates with representatives on the education committee and other international activities. Each of these disciplines will yield large amounts of completely different data as a result of their analyses and, given their size, the results must necessarily be analyzed with the help of computers, using bioinformatic and biocomputing tools. In this context, creating new professional specializations that join the pharmaindustrial demands to the IT knowledge base and to the Life Sciences leads naturally to Bioinformatics and arises spontaneously as a major strategic decision to avoid losing competitiveness in the global market and to open new working opportunities for young students. To summarize, there is still a lot to be done, and success will depend on maintenance and strengthening of international collaborations, but most of all, on the attitude and effort of all the players involved, who will be required to invest hard work, responsibility and a high level of compromise if they want to succeed in bringing the region up to speed to match the highest international standards. �?��;RvzI�O��:�f��K�KiL8�x��M�h�oJ�o��@�Of�$��A��x����`u�V�i��ȗd�r�4�Ya�c]��q�n�>��.N��n����h���5�T�Q{�fv^'������"ww o)�¦��פ�� ���VdKC� �Sy0VT�n٘����ĒC�V���G&{Ž_&v�қ&��*�B^A��C3=���"ֆU��-�BN̓��)����!�] �����WXL�oR�S\��_�bhZ9"�*�����ڛI�� m�8�Ϯ�+"��@�h��Gu�F$��Q:��e6�"�6v��>��i����b �>��V�=i���QO_DU n��W? To better address the problems implied by each of these different areas, Bioinformatics resorts to complex combinations of mathematical, information technological, computational, networking and hardware tools, resulting in novel techniques, methods, algorithms and specialized databases.

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