canon eos r5

I switched to Sony years ago for mirrorless and sensor technology. Ergo is fine, on pair (if not better) vs 5D IV; the top LCD, however... tiny. Professional sports cameras should not be compared with enthusiast cameras when it comes to value. What is wrong with "copying" the best ergonomics? Better then both a7r4 and a9 mark 2 and those are 2 different cameas Wittch makes the r5 even more impressive. I don't understand why Canon duplicated the AF controls on the 4 way controller of the R5, it's illogical, but again I find the controls available on my 5DMkiv and 5DS more than adequate for any situation. All of the Canon RF lenses are good, even the cheaper ones. You could get a Canon 1dx III or Nikon D6 if that is very important to you. They can say nikons are the best entry level but can't say the r5 is the best lol they have to be sly and say "one of" Total fanboys on here running this site, pathetic. Canon has banished the EOS R's touchbar and put a very nice AF joystick in its place. Anyone underexposing his shot with 6ev has a serious problem as a photographer. 1) squared off edges dig into my hands.2) insufficient space between grip and lens with wide-barrel optics.3) dials don't feel as "nice" to operate as on Canons. YES.IF I did not want 4K/60fps video & could choose between a mirrorless with limited battery life and a Nikon D850, which would I choose?The Nikon D850. If you want the highest DR you need another camera. Then add in some of the higher quality video modes and you have something even more unique. Just don’t make judgements on a camera you have not used or will ever use. The dpreview tests are conclusive, although they have improved a lot, are they still below what a backlit sensor with iso invariant offers or do we wait for how it is beaten in Dxomark? I don't think it looks ugly, it looks functional. ( Both All-I and IPB compression options are available, along with the ability to use Dual Pixel CMOS AF when shooting at up to 8K raw. Canon has released firmware 1.1 for the EOS R5. Not mentioning the practicality of a small bag and a more discrete tool. I am not sure about the shutter “trick” to cover and, therefore, “protect” the sensor: 1 abrasive particle is enough to ruin pretty much everything. Sure it could be my old eyes that are misleading me. They should have divulged the limitations right from the beginning, and concentrated promoting the camera's many other outstanding virtues. As a fact, I think I would have had better success with a 5DIV or the A7RIV. I agree with this comment whole-heartedly - "The Canon EOS R5 gets out of your way and lets you accomplish what you need to". Create a B&H Account, America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek, Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. With Internal, uncropped 8K video shooting at up to 29.97fps, and 4K video If I had to have only one of the two I would take the R5. Design and ergonomics are very good, I have the R6 so I can tell one or two things about those cameras. If I am in auto ISO, exposure compensation dial is the most relevant control. I think there is no problem, Nikon before and Sony lately have always had better cameras than Canon. It is purely a simple software option and makes Canon look like its made for children comparatively when they force full stop increments. DJI's second-generation Pocket camera includes a long list of useful upgrades including a wider, faster lens, a larger sensor, more resolution, improved audio and an optional handle that significantly improves control and supports live streaming. If you have seen the sales videos for even the Nikon D800 it is already more than enough to create a masterpiece! If the R5 doesnt come down in price, there will likely be reasonable alternatives around in a year. Note that once you see 4K/120 is really hard to go back to 4K/30 only. Two dials on the top plate of your R5, one thumbwheel dial on the back, and a control ring around the RF lenses (and on the EF "control ring adaptor"). We are all kids spoilt for Choice! This has to do with a rather unique feature set, clever marketing in relation to the part of the market this camera is aimed at. It does have adjustable priorities. & Home App. This year, despite the disruption, plenty of amazing cameras, lenses, accessories and other products came through our doors. EVF not as good as the R5 which makes R6 less appealing to OVF users. Stacked sensor is more often a problem. You can call it fake DR, but in the real world, it’s excellent! Both Canon and Nikon are missing a forth dial and that puts them both behind Sony in terms of ergonomics. If adjustments are due, the color science won't fight you in the process. #0907905; Sec. We close every Friday evening to Saturday evening for Shabbos. At up to 12fps with @aquarta: it is quite simple: if you want 8k in a small classic 35mm body, you have no alternatives at the moment. That’s the truth! For years I was hoping that Canon would make something like this, but around the 1D body. Sony makes great cameras, but their colors are not great. This is all for EOS R, but I assume it works the same (or better) for R5. to pump up fake d.r. Detection of Animals will also be possible for The only feature that isn’t better, equal, or near equal I could find was in camera high resolution mode. The R5 MSRP is $600 less. "Open aperture up to f/4 if required, then lower shutter speed to 1/200 if required, then raise gain (ISO)." Review: Does the Canon Rebel T8i DSLR make sense in an increasingly mirrorless world? Find out why, right here. But to update every camera’s score every year/every month to account for changing markets and technology would simply be impossible. Would I buy a camera that overheats? But you've got the R5 and the lens, and I haven't, so I'll take your word for it. It seems that Canon has improved the dynamic range of its sensors. Other cameras are limited and often one trick ponies.Some examples:A7RiV - higher resolution, but poor IBIS, 8 bit bit low quality video, very bad rolling shutter, only 10 FPS. Manufacturer rebates, terms, conditions, and expiration dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic. In time, competing cameras will come out and Canon may be forced to lower the R5 price. MilcMan I’m not sure why you have a hard time understanding different cameras. 8K video is of little practical use to me, especially in this camera. the a7riv can do 61mp with a bsi sensor, and it doesn't use n.r. The camera operation is smooth and not much customization is needed. Kudos to Canon that they never tried to come up with any retro design but sticking with pure functional design... like what Dieter Rams did for Braun some decades ago. Some things along with some LED lighting will always be an issue for both. nobody cares about the mechanical shutter at 45mp, if that was the basis the a7riv at 61mp moves 610MP/s, according to your math. The noise also cleans up super nicely. I find it odd that you are badmouthing the Canon R5 and that you’re a hardcore Sony user. Thank you for your feedback, I am interested in your opinion on the dynamics of the images compared to the Sony A7…? In the US it is not a problem as I take a photo of the location with my iPhone as I reminder. I would argue they look sharper than my A7RIII. Tom Hardy is set to star as McCullin with Angelina Jolie directing. The EF version is very affordable too. I shoot video with my iPhone. 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