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Raita Co, Mutton Boneless Biryani Handi , Chicken Shammi Kebab , Chicken 65 along with Gulab Jamun. $14.99. Pan-seared lamb cooked in a house special masala Chicken 65. Specially marinated chicken, cooked in rich tomato butter creamy sauce. Personal Pack + Beer [330 ml] + Creamy Raita + Mirchi Ka Saalan. Soup made with Fresh crushed Tomato paste and sour ingredients. Mix of fresh vegetables prepared with Red chili, Fresh fish cooked in homemade special masala with onions, Lucknowi Chkn Biryani (Serves 1) + Gulab Jamun. Our range of buckets cater to groups of any size, whether at home, office or college! This dish consists of freshly marinated boneless chicken pieces, special spices from Kerala & Daawat basmati rice which are cooked in "dum" style in a handi. This mutton biryani, A taste you will not get anywhere else in the WORLD. Lucknowi Chkn Biryani (Serves 1) + Gulab Jamun. Large Pack - Hyd Goat Dum Biryani. Rice with shredded vegetables a classic street side preparation with choice of egg, chicken or veg. with sliced onions, bell peppers, ginger, and tomatoes. A spicy dish cooked in tangy gravy with potatoes, coconut and curry leaves in combination of touch of cream. 61, MM Road, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005, Kammanahali Vegetable dumplings cooked with herbs and spices in a creamy sauce. King Fish grilled and fried with typical exotic house special spices. coconut milk with spices. Mixed fresh vegetables prepared with seasoned spinach. Shrimp and potatoes sautéed with spicy, tangy sauce. Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani served with Raita. Place a pickup order on our website under “ORDER” with the above coupon code. 200 OFF on 1st order on min. S3 Biryani will bring you the Tasty & Hygienic food to your doorstep, Call & Order on 739 739 99 29. cheese and baked in a tandoor. Key Ingredients : Marinated chicken, Daawat basmati rice, BBK's Special Grounded Masala. Well at Dum Yum Biryani we proudly present the ASLI VEG BIRYANI. Shredded carrotspudding mixed with nuts and dried fruits. A Kashmiri dish of pan-roasted lamb in a yogurt sauce, Thick creamy raita subtly spiced. All Tandoori include BASMATI RICE & dal malhaui. 7, PU-4, Scheme No-54, Queen's Crown Plot Number - 08, Ground Floor, Rathore Nagar, Main Queens Road, Jaipur - 302021, Commercial First Floor, 21, Patliputra Colony, Opp. Lean cubes of Bone-in Goat stewed with assorted Deep fried chicken bites tossed in curry leaves and our secret 65 sauce. You can also place your Order with Your Facebook Ac from our Official Facebook Page. Boneless cubes of chicken marinated in our spl batter with spices, deep fried and tossed in 65 sauce. Spicy Mutton Keema layered with Hyderabadi Biryani Rice served with Raita. $10.99. Marinated Shrimp in species dry fired with curry leaves (10 Pieces Jumbo). A harmonious combination of mixed lentils, tomato, ginger, garlic and house spices. Hyderabad dum-style layered, saffron-flavored basmati rice Hyderabad dum-style layered, saffron-flavored basmati rice cooked Soup made with Lentil and sour ingredients. Fresh homemade Indian cheese simmered See MENU & Order. Fenugreek-flavored paneer cheese with spices cooked in Tandoor. garlic, tomatoes, and peppercorns. Succulent nuggets of chicken marinated in an exquisite blend of spices, dipped in batter and fried,served with French Fries. Cater – Chicken Biryani (Large Platter) $ 80.00. Bone-In Goat and potatoes sautéed with a spicy, tangy sauce. Chicken Fry Piece Biryani . Mutton cooked with spices and tomatoes, layered in basmati rice and exotic spices. cooked with vegetables marinated inNizami Spices topped with GOAT BIRYANIS. ... have an allergy that could harm your health we strongly advise you to contact the store directly before you place your order. We pride ourselves with prompt dispatch of steaming hot and freshly made Biryani, delivered to your doorstep with utmost safety. Key Ingredients : Marinated Bonless Chicken, BBk Special Spices, Daawat Basmati Rice. Special hyderabadi style gravy made with achari mirchi. Fresh fried okra sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and spices. 4, Goodwill Icon, S.No. 750/-. Fresh Lettuce, Onion, Tomato and Cucumber garnished with cilantro and lemon juice. Shrimp Kothu Paratha + Chicken 65. 3 boiled eggs cooked in curry sauce, tossed with garlic, chili, coriander and spices. Boneless chicken cooked in curry sauce, tossed with garlic, chili, coriander and spices. Minced-vegetable balls cooked in a creamy nut-based sauce. Veggie loaded personal pack (250g) + Choice of Speciality Wrap + Mini Creamy Raita & Mirchi Ka Saalan Combo. The Equal amount of rice and chicken is used to ensure that you get juicy chicken on every bite. Homemade, naturally fermented, Indian pickle. Puffed rice mixed with crispy wafers, chickpeas, potato, onion, sev and chutney. tomatoes, garlic, cloves, and other spices. Seasoned potato patties, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, onions, shredded romaine, mint and tamarind chutney wraps with naan bread. Delight cottage cheese cooked in creamy and tomato gravy. Fresh shrimp cooked in curry sauce and a touch of tomato sauce. Naan stuffed with fresh homemade Indian Delicately seasoned chicken cooked with spinach. Deep fried paneer bites tossed in curry leaves and our secret 65 sauce. cooked with vegetables marinated in Nizami Spices. light cream and warm spices. Delicately seasoned chicken cooked with Gongora leaves. Sweet and creamy milk pudding with rice or vermicelli. Quick View. Mix of fresh vegetables prepared with Chicken 65. Served with Salan and Raita, Homemade cheese dipped in condensed milk with spices. Boneless pieces of Breast Chicken cooked in a fresh cooked Boneless Chicken marinated in Nizami Spices. Chicken Kothu Paratha + Chicken 65. Fish strips marinated with freshly crushed pepper corns, onions and fried. Onion fritters made with thinly sliced onions, gram flour, beans batter and spices. Shrimp cooked in masala with sliced onions, 2 Pieces fried crispy shell stuffed withspiced potatoes, peas, coriander and served with condiments, Deep fried potato, onion and spinach leaves with chickpea flour batter fritters. Chicken Lollipop Biryani . Chicken cooked with spices and tomatoes, layered in basmati rice and exotic spices. Goat pieces cooked with charred red onions and South Indian spices. A Hyderabadi Special. and special herbs and spices. A spicy dish with tangy gravy and potatoes, curry leaves in touch of chilly. Spicy chicken 65 pieces layered with Biryani Rice and served with Raita + Gulab Jamun. *Use coupon code at checkout. Enjoy your favourite Dum Yum Biryani with a chilled lager beer [330 ml.] A delicious combination of assorted lentils and spices. The absolute best kebab you will ever eat! Cater – Chicken Biryani $ 45.00. Please read the terms and conditions before placing and order. Spicy Fried boiled eggs layered with Biryani Rice and served with Raita. Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani cooked in a sealed handi, infuses the flavours properly and makes the dish very tempting & tasty. Delight cottage cheese cooked in cream and tomato gravy. Raita Complimentary, Minced Chicken Kebabs flavored with Indian Spices, Crispy minced chicken kebabs flavored with Indian spices served with Mint Chutney; 8 pcs/ 4 Pcs, Spicy tangy red boneless chicken pcs flavored with curry leaves and green chillies, Spicy tangy red paneer chunks flavored with curry leaves and green chilies, Spicy tangy red potato fingers flavored with curry leaves and green chilies, Spiced Patties made of spinach,peas & potatoes, Fried Bread soaked in sweetened milk garnished with nuts and rose petals, Soft, melt in your mouth, fried dumplings, traditionally made of thickened milk and soaked in rose-f, Rich chocolate baked dessert topped with hazelnuts, Chocolate cake filled with molten chocolate.

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