cultural theories of gender

Whereas there is no ultimate feminist consensus about the meaning of gender, its varying usages share one thing in common, and that is the explicit rejection of the belief in gender as a natural phenomenon. By visiting a child care program one may notice that the environment is arranged in ways to promote gender identity. Social construction is something you might not be aware of. hs.src = ('//'); Instead of merely adding such differences, however, to any overarching mode of gender analysis, later scholars dealing with sexuality, as well as race, ethnicity, and imperialism, seek to understand the ways in which gender and other differences operate in mutually constitutive ways. With regards to various lines of research within the trait theory, the Big Five factor structure (Goldberg, 1990 as cited in Northouse, 2016) appears to have some significant weight in predicting leadership outcomes. Institutionalized sexism is the sexist attitudes that are held by the vast majority of people living in a society where stereotypes and discrimination are the norm when a society has specific norms people living within the society will adapt to them and they will do the same even for discriminatory norms. Doane, Mary Anne. —Judith Butler. It also appears that similar personal traits of individuals with opposing gender can lead to starkly different outcomes in leadership development. Trumansburg, NY: The Crossing Press. 1991. Key Concepts Queer Theory Heterosexual Matrix Performativity. Interestingly, while this particular perspective on leadership, known as the trait approach, has been challenged over the last century due primarily to its dubious focus on universality of these traits (Stoghill, 1948 as cited in Northouse, 2016), we seem to be returning to the idea of leadership based on certain measurable individual characteristics. Indeed, the widespread acceptance in feminist discourse from the 1980s onward of the concept of gender as a technical term for the socially constructed aspects of femininity and masculinity—as distinct from biologically determined differences between men and women—has, paradoxically, led to a more general adoption of gender as a simple synonym for that from which it was supposed to mark itself off. For many people, the terms “gender” and “sex” are used interchangeably and thus incorrectly. Early second-wave feminist scholars used gender to reject biological determinism by presenting evidence of the historically and culturally varied ways in which femininity and masculinity may be expressed and understood. In addition to the gender schema theory, Bem created a questionnaire known as the Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BRSI). 1972. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press. The insistence on the specific positioning of women in society in this context does not necessarily mean that gender becomes renaturalized, or that gender differences are conceived as essential or intrinsic. Summary. You could not be signed in, please check and try again. "Hermaphroditism, Gender, and Precocity in Hyperadrenocorticism: Psychological Findings." New York: Routledge. Neuter refers to two different phenomena. Allan G. Johnson, the author of “Patriarchy,” states some of the very common stereotypes or “qualities” of men: “control, strength, efficiency, competitiveness, toughness, coolness under pressure” These are just some of the many stereotypes of men regarding how they should “normally” act and try to portray themselves. "Gender, Theories of Berkeley: University of California Press. Psychoanalyst Robert Stoller extended the distinction between biological sex and social gender by introducing the notion of gender identity, a term used to define "one's sense of being a member of a particular sex," as distinct from the "overt [gendered] behavior one displays in society" (Haig 2004, p. 93). Whereas in some contexts the distinction between sex as biological fact and gender as social acquisition is useful, it is by no means widely observed, and considerable variation in usage occurs at all levels. Gender Identity Disorder Gender roles in America are impacted by cultural and societal norms. The BSRI was first developed in 1974 and has since become one of the most widely used psychological assessment tools in the world. I recently attended a baby shower party and I was shocked first by the amount of items a baby needs and even more about the color choice of each item. The recognition of the mutually constitutive character of multiple differences in the processes by which people acquire their gendered selves is equally central to theories of gender moving beyond the equality versus difference debate and that can be situated within the paradigm of social constructionism, a more general trend of critical thought that became significant in the course of the 1980s. Contrarily another form is hostile sexism which is characterized by negative stereotypical views towards women. At birth, it is used to assign sex, that is, to identify individuals as male or female. These people would naturally have more in common with each other and display similar traits because of the similarity of their upbringings and shared value systems. Most likely there will be an area staged as the housekeeping corner where girls the play and there will be another area with building blocks and tool kit items where the boys play. Ever wonder what your personality type means? Social constructionist theorists of gender do not regard difference as something that is an intrinsic part or essential aspect of identity/subjectivity, but, instead, the product of power relations. Functioning as a regulatory regime, gender in Butler's work becomes the causal force of (what is presumed to be natural) sex, so that what was believed to be sex in earlier modes of gender theory, in postmodern discourses is established as the product of the operations of gender. Following Butler's cautionary observation that "'being' a sex or a gender is fundamentally impossible" (Butler 1990, p. 19), postmodernist thinkers understand gender not as a noun or a set of attributes of a previously sexed, presocial body but, instead, as a series of acts, repeated over time, that constitutes the corporeal identity that it purports to be. As the nature of the workplace becomes less “traditional,” with increased use of technology, and things like flex hours, more people working from home, etc., I believe the view of what makes a good leader will also evolve. This social construction in this society is segregating us depending on our physical appearance and our material possessions.

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