face of god in quran

That Kabir Allahtala is Omnipotent. That immortal GOD does not takes birth from Mother’s womb, HE comes and goes back with a body. Muslim people due to lack of complete spiritual knowledge make the meaning of Kabir as big (great). The knowledge giver of Quran Shariff says, that the great GOD Kabir, is the one who created the universe in six days and sat on throne on the seventh day. In Saint’s language, we call that ‘Satlok’ means Eternal place. Offset prints, New Delhi-2. He cannot change anyone’s destiny. ‘Hum Mohammad ko wahan le gayo, Icchaa Roopi Wahan Nahee raho, Ult Mohammad mahal pathaya, Guj Biraj Ek kalma le aaya, Roza Bang Namaz dayee re, Bismil ki nahee baat kahee re’. God Kabir, came 600 years ago in Kashi-UP, (Link Page-Kabir Sagar) India and did spectacle of a weaver (Dhanak Julaha) and became famous as a poet. I do not know. Ltd., Daryaganj, New Delhi. Azaan / Adhan (call to worship) is a prayer ceremony which is prevalent in Islam. He is in the form of human beings. As long as we are not familiar with the true knowledge we consider our respective religions to be superior and we consider other’s religion to be inferior. Quran Sharif - Surat Furkaan 25:54 - And it is He who has created from water a human being and made him [a relative by] lineage and marriage. Showed his ghastly look due to which a warrior like Arjun also started shivering, and agreed to whatever he said. And ever is your Lord competent [concerning creation]. We can definitely see the face of Allahu Akbar, References: Four Vedas, Geeta Ji, Gurugranth Saheb, Bible and Quran Sharif. Koran 6:79. Means these are bound. Allahu Akbar resides in topmost region, above all regions, in that ultimate abode...”Arsh Kursh per Alleh Takhat hai”. Quran Sharif - Surat Furkaan 25:56 - And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a bringer of good tidings and a warner. Verse 25:52:- Fala-Tutiyal-Kafiran-ve-Jahidhum-Bihi-Jihadan-Kabiran”, it is clearly written ‘Kabiran’. In this ‘Allahu Akbar’ is recited as a short prayer phrase repeatedly. In early Muslim theological debates the notion of God's face was an important, though not central, issue in discussions of theodicy. Bible is the collection of these three Holy books Jaboor, Tawrat, and Injil. Lord himself has told about His own creation of the universe. Devotees, practicing Christians claim Christianity is the best religion and devotees practicing Sikhism say Sikh religion is the best. God is enthroned which proves that He is sitting in Eternal Place ‘Satlok’ means God must be in form. This proves that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif is not the complete GOD, is not AllahTala whom whole Muslim community worships, assuming him to be their Allah. Muslims believe whichever GOD one worships, if they want to know that whether He is right Allah / Khuda / GOD. Then this Kaal (Giver of the Knowledge of Quran Sharif) took control. Quran Sharif - Surat Furkaan 25:57 - Say, "I do not ask of you for it any payment - only that whoever wills might take to his Lord a way.". Reference Mutarjam Barhashiya, classical Arabic Manual in Nagri script, translator is Nand Kumar Awasthi, Sherwani Edition clarifies that Allah’s name is Kabir, means the great GOD. But evidences prove that the giver of the knowledge of Quran Sharif is not AllahTala. Allahu Akbar, that great GOD, that omnipotent. This has made clear that Allhu Akbar (God) in Islam is Kabir. Shastri, Jammu dweep Shastri, publisher is Smt.Sunita Jain, Jammudeep, Hastinapur, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. “Fala-Tutiyal-Kafiran-ve-Jahidhum-Bihi-Jihadan-Kabiran”- its clearly written ‘Kabiran’ we can call ‘Kabir/ Kabira/ Kabiran/ Khabira/ Khabiran. Reference: Mukhtsar Tafseer Ahsanul Bayan Tarjuma, Maulana Mohammad Junagarhi Tafseer Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf Hindi Tarjuma Tarteeb Mohammad Tahir Hanif’, Darusalam publication and distributors. His power is everywhere. ‘Allahu Akbar’ means ‘The Almighty is the most significant or Allah/God is the greatest’. The visage of the creator, the sight of which the believer hopes to enjoy in the afterlife (see eschatology; belief and unbelief; anthropomorphism). The knowledge giver of Quran Sharif says ‘do not agree to non-believers (infidels) because they do not consider Kabir as the Supreme God and with the plea of Quran Sharif face them with great force (Do not fight) ie. 112:3 - He neither begets nor is born, 112:4 - Nor is there to Him any equivalent." He is called the Enlightened Saint/Dheeranam. As a result, the whole Muslim community believes that the narrator of Quran Sharif is Allahu Akbar and worships him. This is also our spiritual ignorance that we even call a  religion to be good or bad. The followers are not at fault, rather these Qazis of Muslim religion who could not understand the secret of these sacred scriptures are at fault. There is rebirth, but when does this Doomsday come? The knowledge giver of Quran Sharif is giving information about some other AllahTala, about Supreme God, Allah Kabir. Be it announcement or directly or they were fed telegraphically. from a Tatvadarshi saint (Enlightened Saint). All those who obeyed the knowledge of Quran Sharif and continued worshipping according to His instructions will go to heaven, but those who didn't obey Him remained alienated, did nuisance, will goto hell. But Muslim brothers, without understanding Quran Sharif properly, without properly understanding its verses, Aayats, have made it final that the knowledge giver of Quran Sharif is Great God. When people will have correct spiritual knowledge then they will know that we are all children of one God. He comes and explains His correct knowledge to his virtuous souls. He made humans like His ownself. The knowledge giver of Quran Shariff says like I created initially, I will wrap it, and then I will surely create again. In Islam, Muhammad comes last in the series. What do these Muslims believe is that Baba Adam was created first, and from his bone his wife Hawwa was created, and then all human beings were born from them. They believe this is mentioned in one of the Hadees. We can call it ‘Kabir’ or  Kabira’ or ‘ Kabiran’ or ‘Khabira’ or ‘Khabiran. 'Bismil', means to slaughter animals, is not mentioned here. The detailed description in Creation of Universe reveals that the Supreme Father, the Almighty, Creator of the whole universe, Master of humans is ‘KabirDev’. To God belong the East and the West; whithersoever you turn, there is the Face of God; God is All-embracing, All-knowing. He cannot do mercy. In Saint’s language He is called ‘Satpurush’, in Quran Sharif’s language He is called Allahu Akbar/AllahTala. He (Allah) is the one who made man with a drop of water and made him someone’s son or daughter, or in-law, means someone’s son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and your Lord is powerful. He met Respected Dharamdas ji from Bandhavgarh, Respected Malookdas Sahebji, respected Nanak Saheb ji, respected Dadu Saheb ji, Respected Garib Das Saheb ji from Chudani Village, Jhajjar, Haryana, respected Gheesadas Saheb ji from Khekra Village, Meerut Uttar Pradesh, respected Swami Ramanandji who was a great man in Kaashi, GOD met him. To understand any religion, we should not see towards their followers, because usually the followers themselves do not know what their religion and faith talks about. He is visible like humans. This is the point of the 70-hour journey my friend undertook, and that is the point of prayer we all undertake. Reference: Biography of Hazrat Mohammad Salalahu Alesee Vassallam, Mohammad Inayatullah Subhani, translated by Naseem Ghazi Palani, Markazee Maktaba, Islami Publishers, D-307, Dawat Nagar, Abdul Fazal Enclave, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, printed by H.S. The visage of the creator, the sight of which the believer hopes to enjoy in the afterlife (see eschatology; belief and unbelief; anthropomorphism). That immortal GOD does not take birth from Mother’s womb. This is the point of the journey to Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. Rishabdev Ji started Jain religion. remain rigid for Allah Kabir. When one day of Brahma ji will be over (Link Page), will be completed then there will be complete destruction on earth, in all these three regions Heaven, Earth and in Netherworld. Reference: Tajurma, Maulana Mohammad Fateh Khan Saheb, Maulana Abdul Majid Sarvar Saheb, Publisher is Farid Book Depot (pvt.) 59. This is the measuring scale to judge whether HE is capable GOD, ‘Qadir’ GOD, Almighty or not and without capable GOD salvation cannot be attained. He should give the instructions so that you thank Allahtala. All Holy scriptures provide enough evidences. They call heaven as 'Bahisht' and hell as 'Dozakh', then forever they will not be born. In the Qurʾān references to God's face or countenance ( wajh) appear in the construc…. To understand the Nature of prophethood in Islam it is imperative to mention Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Solomon. References to God's face appear frequently in the Qurʾān. His actions are never in vain, never unjust, and never superfluous.

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