flash vs superman race who wins

Filed Under: Cool Stuff & Geekery, Movies & Television Tagged With: DC, Shazam, Superhero Movies, Superheroes, Superman, Your email address will not be published. Their ancestor race had travelled extensively, the waste This officially meant that Jay Garrick was also faster than Superman, but only because Jay cheated. This time, however, the heroes need to circle the globe not three times, but ten. That’s a very unsportsmanlike ending. However, unbeknownst to most of us young people is that Superman has a spotlight rival even older than Batman… Captain Marvel! Each could, perhaps, run at the speed of sound if they really pushed themselves, but that was about it. to escape the phantom zone entirely—regardless of the billions of lives it would cost. So there’s our verdict, Superman usually wins just because Shazam is underrated, for now. We’re already seeing favorable reviews and reception from Shazam! Superman wasn’t allowed to fly and had to swim through the oceans while Barry had the skills to actually run on top of the waves. Still, there are other ways Shazam can decisively win in a Shazam vs Superman matchup… He’s the Superman we never had On the one side, there are the fastest men in all of DC . The two of them escaped the explosion through a rift in space, and found themselves on the surface Shazam can win, but not without losing to Superman in their next showdown to make the power hierarchy clear again. Realizing that the “sun” was actually light from the supernova pouring in through the same warp through which they had come! It wasn’t just Superman and the Flash who have raced several times. They demonstrated their power by destroying a small asteroid. Barry Allen is the first (technically second) Flash and this is the first organized race between the two of them. Every time you depower a hero, each successive threat will make the hero push him or herself to greater and greater heights. through the great pyramid of Cheops, Superman would be stuck running over it. Rearview Mirrors: Barry Allen vs. Superman in Flash: Rebirth #3 (2009). back—roughly 40,000 light years. Mxyzptlk provided a race track around the world—with a few surprises, such as waves passing through the track, the track running under water, Also, anything with Jay Garrick is something I need to own. In any case, Flash had won his first race against the Man of Steel. What followed was less a race than a chase around the world, Flash searching for places Linda in time, and were forced to make use of time’s circular nature; as a result, the Flash need only ensure that their agent would reach He was only going to leave if Flash won the race. and destroyed their equipment... conceding that “on this world,” the Flash was indeed the fastest man alive! until with Zero Hour (1994) they decided to just start over from the beginning. JLA During a race in and around the streets of Smallville, it appears that another tie was going to be in order before a late entrant took the win. In the end, Bizarro joined the group though his logic for doing so was a little hard to understand. When Wally crossed that finish line first, Mxy disappeared back to his home dimension. were revealed to be none other than Abra Kadabra and the Reverse-Flash, The medallion kept Flash alive in space and give him an energy track which he could run on. ensuring that neither syndicate would be able to collect. [4] Special thanks to Loki Carbis for telling me about the Superboy/Impulse and Bizarro/Zoom races! Looking like an obtuse villain and destroying half the city is not exactly a victory for him. Now, the hard part. headquarters to find not only the rest of the League, but two extra-terrestrial gamblers known as Rokk and Sorban, When Mr. Mxyzptlk, that zany (and extremely powerful) imp from the fifth dimension, The Flash Companion Winner: Tie. The whole thing was a trap to kill both the Flash and Superman in deep space. by having the entire population of his world in constant motion, he was able to siphon their kinetic energy to keep himself The Flash is probably faster than Superman truly making him the Fastest Man Alive. He’s originally named Captain Marvel and owned by publisher Fawcett Comics. giant Mxyzptlk golems, fake tunnels, water sprites—anything to make the race more “entertaining.” Even near the end, nearly dropping from exhaustion, Not that Captain Marvel, this one: He’s the ORIGINAL Captain Marvel– conceived a year later after Superman (1938 and 1939). Wasn’t there another race in the early 2000’s? We discuss what worked and what didn’t. In the end, the timeline was kept as it was and the duo sent the aliens packing but not before they raced from the beginning of time back to 1978. Animated Flash vs. Superman in the Superman episode, “Speed Demons” (1997). He found both Flashes there, in town on an errand, With the added energy of Earth’s remaining speedsters (Superman included), he was able to tune enough radios to the necessary Another eight years passed before the pair raced again. It’s not an actual race in terms of there being a starting line or even a real winner, but neither is the DC Comics Presents story that I did talk about here. DC simply can’t and won’t have its strongest Superhero suffering defeat… unless it’s by the hands of an emo billionaire who dresses as a bat and whose mother is named Martha. counteract the disruptive effects. Who can stretch farther: Elongated Man or Plastic Man? not including “The Human Race” or “Fast Friends”) are reprinted in Superman vs. the Flash. Intent on stopping the chaos being unleashed by the Anachronids, capable of time travel that could stop him, and so the two ships banded together to kill them. Superman, wanting to get rid of his foe, plied reverse By the way, Clark has some revisionist history going on here if he’s claiming that he won some of the races that he and Barry participated in. This was a fun one. Am I crazy? Of course, the downside to that is that no fans were truly elated either. It didn’t matter who won, the world’s black markets would benefit. He appeared to curse Wally with a spell, causing him to age. Eventually, those heights become that hero’s new plateau and that plateau continues to rise after each huge adventure. Escaping through the warp back to their own dimension, they captured an Anachronid, only to discover it was a robot, and that Kid Flash races against Más and Menos for charity. powered by the central Green Lantern battery that would provide air, a path to run on (once he dyed the yellow soles of his boots), By this point, Bart was going by the moniker Kid Flash. In any case, the race kicks off and Flash … Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, and Superman attempted to stop Wally from burning himself out. fund aid programs for underdeveloped nations. Rearview Mirrors: Barry Allen vs. Superman in Flash: Rebirth #3 (2009). After Crisis, Clark’s history was revised so that his powers didn’t develop until his late teens. Just roll with it. In the end, he removed his mask, triggering Superman’s memories, and Wally West had his first It can be interesting what the DCEU plans to do next with the Justice League now that Superman’s cape is hanging.

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