how to assemble office desk

Not that I know anything about that.) Customer Service Hours: 9:00am to 5:00pm (Central time) Monday through Friday. It helps on the next project because you will make an effort to appreciate what you accomplished. Then, it dawned on me that the entire process serves as a good lesson in productivity, so I was glad I took the time. Step 3. How To Properly Move an Office Desk and Furniture - YouTube How to Assemble Computer Desks Step 1. Since I'm not gifted at desk assembly, I had to read over a few of the pages more than once. To help, I put the box picture in front of me as a reminder about what I was doing. Maybe it is faster to hold a walking meeting with an employee, but it also sends a message that you are too busy. - Y11742, Y11745, Y11747, Y12342, and Y11751 Adjustable Height Executive Office Desk Assembly Instructions - Y11743, Y11746, Y11748, Y12343 and Y11752 Adjustable Height L-Shaped Executive Office Desk Assembly Instructions - Y11791, Y11784, Y11792, Y12406, Y12445, and Y12508 - 2-Person Shared Office Desk Assembly Instructions Make sure the laptop is fully charged. Toll Free Number: 800-489-3351 Adjustable Height Center Beam (Chicago Code), End of Run and Mid Support Panels, Adjustable, Single End of Run Panel, Fixed Height Ganging, Single Fixed Height Ganging End Cap Brackets, Gap Adjustment Rec Bridge Modesty and End Units, Specification/Layout with Epicenter Overview, Attaching Stanchions to Overhead Cabinet (2521098, 2520956), Full Height Inserts - Tackboard (2516171), Full Height Inserts - Veneer/ Laminate (2513735), Overhead Stanchion - Double Sided Epicenter (2520956), Overhead Stanchion - Single Sided Epicenter (2520812), Single Sided - End Support Privacy Panel (2518048), Shelf, Slat, TV Mount Insert – Service Order Instr, 36" x 38" Work Surface Assembly Extension, Ganging Bracket (metal bracket for rigid ganging), Adjustable Height Base (Conference & Training Solutions), Crank/Electric/3-Leg Adjustable Height Base, Training Tables - Leg Attachment & Cable Adjustment, WaveWorks Tables - Mobile/Static Column Leg, WaveWorks Training Tables - Basic Folding Leg, WaveWorks Training Tables - Electric Adjust Height Base, WaveWorks Training Tables - Modesty Panel, Modesty Panel for Use with Undersurface 18" Deep Pedestals, Shroud Panel Removal / Wire Manager Access, Backsplash/Sidesplash Installation (Solid Surface), Metal Freestanding Lateral File Counterweight, Tack Board, Open Back High Back Organizer, Training Tables - Electric Adjust Height Base, Waveworks Metal Non-Defacing Column Leg Kit, Announcing New Dynamic Products and On-trend Surface Materials. It might have been the fault of the person following the directions. (It doesn't help that my Sauder desk included a few extra screws and brackets.) You have to know the terms and prep, and this requires some planning. Make sure you have the right tools. All rights reserved. (It also depends on the size of the desk and how much coffee you've had.) The manual is very specific about this-it's #2 screwdriver, which works for all of the screw heads. Similarly, with your daily tasks and projects, root out shortcuts that derail productivity. There isn't an assembly guide for daily tasks, but a few of the principles apply to just about any type of work. I decided I didn't really need to install the extra face-plates for the cabinet knobs, and I didn't put in the door stops (although I might add them later). Place the computer desktop pieces underside-up together on the floor. Sometimes, our productivity suffers because we think the goal is to complete every step. It's a visual reward. It's important to know which employees can help on a project, which apps and gadgets you have at your disposal, and even where you can do the work. You have to prepare the materials, follow the instructions, and stay efficient and on task or it can take hours. It can seem a little daunting. Do things the right way. Sauder, a North American provider of ready-to-assemble furniture, offers more than 500 products that run the gamut from office furniture to bedroom furniture. When it took me an hour, I started to think about some of the productivity lessons. To assemble my new Sauder desk, I only needed a hammer and a screwdriver. 120° Work Surface Assembly 29" x 96" Work Surface Assembly 29" x 48" Work Surface Assembly 36" x 38" Work Surface Assembly 36" x 38" Work Surface Assembly Extension Bistro Table Electrical Kit #1 … Get your inbox down to "zero" before you start the new project. It's hard to call the process of assembling a desk "stressful" but it depends on who you ask. If you need peace and quiet to write a business document, do some of the legwork and make sure you have a space that's free from any disruptions. There's a curious note in the assembly guide that says you should skip the power tools and to use them on the next project. I'm a big fan of stepping back and admiring your work. In comparison to a performance review or speaking in front of a large group, putting a desk together is not that stressful, but it's the low-level stress that can hurt productivity the most. If you just read the assembly manual, it's clear you have to assemble all of the parts (with no fudging), but that's not always true when you are building a new Web site or handling social media updates. Sauder seems to encourage this, too. Some of the furniture that Sauder produces includes computer desks… (The manual includes a joke about not being the actual size; good job making this a little fun.) Workarounds can be lazy; they can also save time. It's tempting to ignore this, but there's a reason they include the warning-if you use a power tool, you can damage the desk. It helps, when you are done assembly the desk, to just stand back and admire your handiwork. And, as always, if none of these clips solve your snafu, feel free to connect with us on live chat, email or simply … Sign up to receive emails about new product introductions, design inspirations, and other news from National. A few times, I felt like the job was more suited to someone who enjoys this type of work-or maybe someone I hire using TaskRabbit. It's a cleansing, preparatory step. You also need a small hammer. The best way to minimize stress is to keep focused on the final outcome and why you're even doing a project. Take a few minutes, not just a glance. Admire your work. They are too effective. At work, it's OK to skip some of the steps if it means you complete the project a bit faster and don't make any compromises. The act of laying out the materials has a correlation for any task during your … Step 2. All you see in front of you are parts. (If you install a side panel backwards, it can take even longer. Lay out the materials. I had to assemble a desk the other day, a nice one from Sauder, and it took a bit longer than expected. The act of laying out the materials has a correlation for any task during your day. Just scroll through our topics for tips on tools, assembly times, third-party assistance and more. ©2020 National Office Furniture. I'm surprised how often office workers rely on an old clunky laptop or put up with a slow Wi-Fi connection at work. You can't see the outcome, and you don't know how long the assembly will take. National introduces an assortment of new products that further enhances their portfolio and ability to... Read More, Providing our partners with the tools to support real-time design solutions is a key initiative of our... Read More, As the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation continues to develop around the world, we would like to share how... Read More. They don't seem to care about the "tools" of the trade. Building a desk should take about 30 minutes. They include extra covers to hide some of the unsightly metal caps and bolts. Maybe it's easy to use one tool to post a status update to Facebook and Twitter, but it's better to take the time to customize your message for each network. To stay on top of tasks, it's always a good idea to keep the end-goal in mind.

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