indus valley civilization agriculture and other occupations

[192][193], Around 1900 BCE signs of a gradual decline began to emerge, and by around 1700 BCE most of the cities had been abandoned. Tandoori ovens are used in many popular dishes such as tikka masala and for the traditional preparation of naan. Zebu cattle is still common in India, and in Africa. However, the Indus Valley Civilisation did not disappear suddenly, and many elements of the Indus Civilisation appear in later cultures. 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In the formerly great city of Harappa, burials have been found that correspond to a regional culture called the Cemetery H culture. However the function of the female figurines in the life of Indus Valley people remains unclear, and Possehl does not regard the evidence for Marshall's hypothesis to be "terribly robust". (1) There is evidence that during this time, wild rice was cultivated as animal fodder. [citation needed], These are the major theories:[citation needed], The people of the Indus Civilisation achieved great accuracy in measuring length, mass, and time. "[83][af], According to Jean-Francois Jarrige, farming had an independent origin at Mehrgarh, despite the similarities which he notes between Neolithic sites from eastern Mesopotamia and the western Indus valley, which are evidence of a "cultural continuum" between those sites. David McAlpin, "Toward Proto-Elamo-Dravidian". [229], At sites such as Bhagwanpura (in Haryana), archaeological excavations have discovered an overlap between the final phase of Late Harappan pottery and the earliest phase of Painted Grey Ware pottery, the latter being associated with the Vedic Culture and dating from around 1200 BCE. Rather, it is a complex faith with roots stemming back five thousand years to the people of the Indus Valley, now part of Pakistan. They were among the first to develop a system of uniform weights and measures. ", Wright: "Unable to state the age of the civilization, he went on to observe that the Indus (which he (, Habib: "Sir John Marshall, then Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India, used the term 'Indus civilization' for the culture discovered at Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, a term doubly apt because of the geographical context implied in the name 'Indus' and the presence of cities implied in the word 'civilization'. One seal from Mohenjo-daro shows a half-human, half-buffalo monster attacking a tiger, which may be a reference to the Sumerian myth of such a monster created by goddess Aruru to fight Gilgamesh.

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