is judy blume still alive

Fortunately, we have Judy Blume, whose books about the emotional gauntlet of pre-adolescence and beyond remain as vivid and affecting today as they did when her YA career began a half-century ago. It's Me, Judy Blume, 5 Judy Blume books that should be made into movies. That was life for us then. [It was for] Are You There God? I did grown up things: I had babies, I had dinner parties, because that's what you were supposed to do. There was a course on writing for children and tweens. Though she’s not as obsessed with boys as her new friend Nancy Wheeler — who practices kissing on her pillow and insists that her friends make a "Boy Book" listing their crushes — Margaret is definitely starting to be interested in the opposite sex. But you weren’t there. (Judy Blume was never afraid to go there when it came to bigotry — the same year she published Margaret, the author also released Iggie’s House, which tackled racism in a white suburban neighborhood. I thought, “This is an omen! Advice from Common Sense Media editors. Thank you. Judy Blume's classic about religion, puberty, and pre-teen menstruation anxiety remains as vivid and affecting today as it was in 1970. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. What it means how it affects all of us, what to do about it. He may be named Moose, and he may hang around with Nancy’s doofus brother Evan, but Mr. “But if you aren’t any religion,” Janie asks, “how are you going to know if you should join the Y or the Jewish Community Center?”. This interview has been edited and condensed. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The subject of religion is taboo in the Simon household. It’s me, Margaret. I was a senior in college for the first year of my marriage. He pinches Margaret’s arm and cracks, “That’s a pinch to grow an inch. She is also known for her children's books and controversial adult novels such as Wifey . Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. Because writing was my little secret weapon. For a long time, Blume was hesitant about allowing her books to be immortalized on screen. This time, Judy Blume… MENU. Judy's list of writing tips. And today, I looked for you when I wanted to confess. There was a woman in town who had opened a little indie bookstore and invited me to come do a signing. That Margaret would still be resonating with readers 50 years after its publication would’ve been unfathomable to the then-up-and-coming writer, who began honing her craft as a lonely young mom living in a New Jersey cul-de-sac. (Side note: Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer did not, in fact, name Natalia Dyer’s character “Nancy Wheeler” as an homage to Blume. At 82, Judy Blume is busier than ever. Judy Blume is an American writer best known for her young adult novels tackling controversial issues such as. It’s the opposite of a parental lecture, but orders of magnitude more effective. Who does she think she is? I had this other life, and how lucky I was to find this other life. I had been married for 7 years, which is ridiculous, and I was living on a cul-de-sac in a ranch house in suburban New Jersey. When her friends Janie, Gretchen, and Nancy learn that Margaret isn’t any religion, they are flummoxed. Blume is a founder of Books and Books Key West, which is currently shipping books nationwide. Judy Blume Still Tears Up Thinking About Her First Rave Review. It was a roundup of books that were coming out, written by a woman named Dorothy Broderick. Not the way I do when I talk to you at night. Yes, I asked. The real writing didn't start until they were both in preschool and then I had two precious hours to work. God, that was the worst. Or just for fun. She would say, "Really? A personal view of the writing life. You promise?" Dell Yearling; Atheneum Books for Young Readers. “Now I am almost a woman!” Of course, it makes sense that Blume would give her heroine a happy ending — but I just wish Margaret’s happiness could have come from self-acceptance, a realization that she and her body are okay just as they are. Judy Blume's House in Florida At celebrated novelist Judy Blume's Key West, Florida, house, relaxed interiors give way to generous terraces and … Books. How did people react to your burgeoning career? It's Me, Margaret . Anxious and stressed about the upheaval, Margaret calls on the great guidance counselor in the sky: Are you there God? All rights reserved. “My husband was in treatment having chemotherapy [and] we weren't going anywhere, so every night we would watch great series and movies at home,” she tells Bustle. The newspaper came and I still remember the awful headline they wrote.

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