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While these are valid job search considerations, we recommend waiting until the offer stage to address them when you have more leverage. These materials delve deeper into the firm’s background, composition, client-base, matters handled, interview style, and recent news and strategic developments. Let’s walk through them. With respect to the format of law firm associate interviews. Essentially, you are preparing for 30–45-minute micro-interviews with each person or group of people on your interview schedule. A reputable recruiter should be knowledgeable about the  particular firm’s and practice group’s structure, culture, and work assignment system and should be able to provide insight and intel based on their strong relationships with the firms and from the experiences and feedback of past-placed attorneys and interviewees. The second step in answering this question is to transition into discussing why you are particularly interested in the firm you are interviewing with. collegiality and being team-oriented). This can lose the interviewer’s attention and present as overly-confident or arrogant. Weeks 4-5: 3 rd /final round of interviews (if necessary) Sometimes a firm will make an offer after the full or second round of interviews. Firms can interpret these questions as having concern about the amount you will work or showing a lack of self-sufficiency or experience. 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I read through many deposition transcripts of similar CPSC employees while drafting my deposition outlines. Finally, only discuss weaknesses related to your work experience as the firm is looking for something in the context of your experience as an attorney. They can then discuss specific cases of interest. If you or someone you know is interested in making a lateral move, feel free to connect with a member of our team and we are happy to assist. These materials delve deeper into the firm’s background, composition, client-base, matters handled, interview style, and recent news and strategic developments. We've changed thousands of lives over the past 20 years. Our renown team of dedicated expert recruiters at Lateral Link thoroughly prepares our associate and partner candidates for their interviews giving them an edge. With a proven successful track record, Jesse advises attorneys, law firms, and companies through all stages of the recruitment and hiring process to effectively reach their objectives. Also, the attorneys’ LinkedIn profiles are helpful to see if the attorneys have lateraled to the firm themselves. Ultimately, the acquisition was successful, and our client was able to considerably expand their presence in the financial services sector. Finally, you should practice your matter descriptions out-loud in front of a mirror or through a mock-interview with your recruiter (this also applies to all other question responses). Where to Start: Study the Firm and Practice Group Inside and Out Using Key Resources. He specializes in placing associates, partners, and in-house counsel with leading Am Law 100 and 200 law firms and premier corporations. These questions should continue to demonstrate your specific interest in the firm and intellectual curiosity about the practice. Also, a trusted recruiter should be able to answer many of these questions and can advise on how to innocuously approach these topics. With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to share our insight and some the most useful preparation activities and strategies for lateral associate interviews. If the dating went well I might propose marriage (which would be a “partnership”). I read through many deposition transcripts of similar CPSC employees while drafting my deposition outlines. The firm is also assessing if your personality meshes with its culture (e.g. My goal w....Read more >, UC Berkeley - School of Law, Class Of 2014. In organizing matter descriptions, some of our candidates prefer to use the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) or SOAR (Situation, Obstacle, Action, Result) formats to concisely detail their relevant experience. Also, do not use artificial qualities in your answer, such as “I am an overachiever” or “I work too much.”  Additionally, avoid discussing continuing weaknesses that are unresolved and only use weaknesses you have corrected. This is another opportunity to exhibit your knowledge about the firm and discuss how joining the firm would be a good fit from a practice perspective. from  Los Angeles Office Managing Director. Your objective at the interview is to clearly articulate your relevant experience and these qualities through conversations with your interviewers. How to Prepare for a Lateral Interview as an Associate: Looking... Job of the Week: General Counsel for Tech Company in Silicon Valley, 4 Tips For Navigating The COVID-19 Crisis, The State Of Biglaw: 3 Thoughts From David Lat. A law firm job search can be an ordeal, especially when the process involves (1) applying for jobs, (2) getting first round interviews, (3) doing well at first round interviews, (4) going to second round interviews and then (5) not getting an offer. Onc....Read more >, University of Michigan Law School, Class Of 2013, I liked that BCG assigned me a personal recruiter who I had a conversation with. Though each interviewer is unique, you can expect common themes and similar questions when meeting with most of the attorneys. Answering “What is a Weakness that You Have?” or “Tell Me About a Time You Wish You Had Done Something Differently?”, This is probably one of the trickier questions that arises in a law firm interview. Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more. Beyond reviewing the firm’s and practice group’s website. One core interview question to expect is “why are you interested in this position and firm?” Having substantive familiarity with the firm and practice group you are interviewing with is critical. For example, a products liability litigation associate could discuss adapting and improving their deposition questions for depositions of CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) employee witnesses regarding product recalls: “I adapted and drafted better deposition outlines by learning the fundamental regulatory question framework. Beyond reviewing the firm’s and practice group’s website. Answering the question of “why are you looking to leave your current firm?” is a two-step approach. As you formulate your recent matter descriptions, organize them succinctly. They can then discuss specific cases of interest. For example, if you are interviewing with an asset-based lending focused finance practice group, you can describe a recent syndicated secured credit-facility transaction you worked on either in response to a question or as a logical follow-up to a matter the interviewer discussed. Finally, you should practice your matter descriptions out loud in front of a mirror or through a mock-interview with your recruiter (this also applies to all other question responses). There were significant representations and warranties and provisions structured into the deal to mitigate risk to our client regarding a pending IP litigation matter.

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