long for sentence

All you need is a subject, a verb and an object. The coat must be brushed, detangled and cared for by the owner since it is too long for the cat to keep in good shape by herself.
They long for sweet and intimate communion with Him. 4. He voiced his protest to my friend, asserting that academic writing does not consist of short, pithy paragraphs, but long, academic ones filled with prose of a sophisticated and–my word–haughty nature.

It didn't take long for stories to emerge that Kate's on-screen chemistry with her You, Me, and Dupree co-star Owen Wilson was just as real off-screen, and the two had started a relationship. If you’re having a hard time finding out if you’ve hit the right balance you can always try reading your sentences out loud. A Vista Limewire exception; it didn't take long for this demand to take shape as Limewire users updated their computer operating systems to the new Windows Vista system. It didn't take long for Lisa to adjust to her new job. It didn't take long for fans to recognize the merit of The Next Generation characters to stand on their own. In fact, research shows that shorter sentences can have dramatically higher reading comprehension scores than longer ones. "Germany," he wrote, "does not long for peace more anxiously than I do for their publication.". Slings are truly scant swimsuits, so they won't be for everyone, but if you are bored with conventional bikinis and long for a bit of novelty, this is a style that can successfully fit the bill. Generally, it’s more productive to provide a sequence of sentences of naturally varied length than to dictate how many words one is permitted to use in a given sentence; a succession of sentences of equal or similar length will distract readers, as will a series with wildly divergent word counts. Born in 1877 in the state of Kentucky, it didn't take long for the world to recognize that he was a unique individual. | Support | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. But when my friend, a former newspaper sportswriter and columnist, did the first draft of the book he professor was appalled to see all of the short paragraphs with all of the eye-catching white space. For example, if you never get to sleep in, but you long for more sleep, consider going to bed earlier some nights. There are any number of variables, but a key one that is often overlooked is length. Some sites offer cheaper prices than others, but it wouldn't be wise to wait too long for a deal because the brand is so popular. However, that was not a good way to start. The little corrugated church is not long for this world - I predict yuppie flats coming soon. shameful to make families wait so long for inquest verdicts, says Eric Allison. I’m an engineer, and my presentations are geared towards an audience that is composed of other engineers like myself or MBAs in a leadership position. Seeing a man immersed in a glass bubble filled with water has to be almost as fun as seeing Tom Cruise jump around like the mad man that he is (doesn't everyone just long for the good old days of the Top Gun Tom Cruise? We had not to wait long for news, and it was wholly satisfactory and encouraging. We worked all day long. tarry long for there was much still to see & do. We long for the clarifying crisis because the response to it is clear and direct. What will he long for? Obviously, the length of a prison stay for a person sentenced to life depends on how long he lives, but that is … Seeing videos and choreography from the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. made Baryshnikov long for a dance world where artistic vision was oriented on the future instead of the past. This will be a sign that she's just an 'OK' and you'll long for the girl who'll send you into a tail spin. But, consummate wordsmith that he is, the fog index stays low, and each idea holds together in beautifully constructed narration. long for (someone or something) To have a very strong desire or yearning for someone or something. Examples of long for in a sentence: 1. By the time you reached the end of that sentence could you remember how it started? Noel continues to long for Felicity and finds a surprising ally in Felicity's mom who doesn't believe that Ben is going anywhere in life. His reign was unusually long for a Greek tyrant, and his career furnished a model for other rulers and invaders of Sicily. American novelist Philip Roth must be one of the masters of the long sentence and long paragraph. As I said, the book is an annual best-seller, both in mail order and the list of my friend’s publishing company. His book today has good sales annually. 2. P.IVA 06333200829 REA PA-314445. 4. That said, sticking with consistently short sentences can make your prose sound choppy or robotic. The side seams run four inches long for a bit more hip coverage. Regardless of your word choice or the brilliance of your prose, if the length of your sentences is too long or too short, your writing – and your readers – will suffer. The table is too long for insertion here. It didn't take very long for online retailers to recognize that the Internet marketplace is very different than that of brick and mortar stores. Some people prefer to travel light yet still long for a reliable and super-cool alarm clock to rouse them from their well-earned slumber. There certainly isn't anything wrong with this type of party, but sometimes graduates long for something a bit more unusual. Not long, for he could not be so deep down now.

Keep your sentences short enough (generally under 25 words) that the reader can keep the entire meaning of that sentence in their heads. My friend asked the prof a simple question: “Do you want to impress your peers?
I love my job, but I long for my family when I have to spend so much time on the road. It’s simple, yet effective. The only way I kept reading was because I recognized by the title of the article of that point being made. For instance a 14 word sentence has, on average, a 90% reading comprehension level, whereas a 43 word sentence drops down to a dismal 10%. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I’m really loving the template/theme of this website. If you long for designer eyeglasses, but are lacking the funds, consider finding a replica or fake designer style. Tired of waiting It is shameful to make families wait so long for inquest verdicts, says Eric Allison. This may be why it took so long for her to finish delivering them. It didn't take long for the news and photos of the incident to circulate online, with various gossip sites posting screen grabs of video footage from one of Lohan's former friends. A sarong would be redundant unless you wear it long for evening, but if you're feeling self-conscious about being more covered up than some of the others, add some bling! Long-for sentence examples. It didn't take long for manufacturers to come up with products to cash in on Mickey's success. How long should a sentence be? It didn't take long for problems with the band name to surface. Elisabeth and Jackson were sweeping up the glass when she asked, "Will it take long for him to curb his strength?". 113+4 sentence examples: 1.

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