multiple choice questions on simple, compound, and complex sentences

Answer : We call such a clause a simple sentence. Here, we can remove the first part, as the second part is independent on it. Three unconnected sentences become two connected sentences: FROM: Cars cause air pollution. 20. Students learn to combine sentences to form compound sentences, This resource can be used on its own as a weekly assessment to guide instruction. What Are Misplaced Modifiers and Dangling Modifiers? To: Lastly, mass tourism allows people to cheaply and conveniently experience a better climate while also discovering new cultures and exploring places of natural or historical interest. A compound sentence may contain a compound subject, but a compound subject also can be a part of a simple sentence. Each of these clauses is equally important, they are joined by a co-ordinating conjunction that does not change the rank of either clause. If it costs Rs. Find out the capital required to earn a monthly interest of Rs. 17 Qs . 1500 at 7% per annum for a certain time is Rs. ... compound-complex. 600 at 6% simple interest. This lesson shows secondary students how to identify the different types of sentence. A simple sentence consists of a single independent clause. People have more money to spend. Compound-complex: Doctors must sometimes work late at night, but the hours can put a strain on their health even though the job is considered a good one. The rate of interest for the first year is 5% and of second year is 15%. A compound sentence consists of two or more main clauses. 3. To: There can be no doubt that mobile phones are extremely useful. Question 8 :  Which relative pronoun does this sentence need: “Who/whom we might see affects what I will wear”? Click Image to Enlarge To: Mobile phones have indeed changed the way we communicate and live. Students will notice that each structure signals differing relationships among ideas, as based on the Common Core Standard 7.1.b .This lesson brings FUN to this challenging topic. A sum was put at simple interest at a certain rate for 2 years. Use this set of tools to introduce OR review simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to middle and high school students!This concept is SO critical for writing with more variety, and these materials. To: The last plus point is that smartphones allow people to access the internet to do their online banking or shopping, which is very convenient. We have learned that a compound sentence is made up of two simple sentences joined by a comma and a connecting word such as or, but, or and. A man borrows Rs. Handout: Compound and Complex sentences quiz/ review questions. 841 and 60 paise for the period 2 year 7 month and 15 days at a simple rate of interest. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons 3,600 become Rs. FROM: Many people travel to work by car. The two sentences in a compound sentence must have ideas that make sense together. Choose an answer and hit 'next'. 728, find the simple interest. From: Humans should all have the same rights. To: One obvious advantage is that people are now able to be geographically mobile while calling or texting, which is clearly beneficial in many cases such as emergencies. An independent clause can make a sentence by itself, but a dependent clause must have a subject and a verb and cannot stand alone. vocabulary) and Grammatical Range and Accuracy (i.e. The result is that many people can never find a job. This can be done by offering cheaper and better public transport. ( so many). What type of sentence structure is shown in the sentence below?The tacos and burritos are ready to eat. A complex sentence is one that combines one independent clause with at least one dependent clause, and this quiz/worksheet combo will help you test your understanding of them. My 5-A-Day Language Review contains 5 daily language tasks for (Monday-Thursday). 640 amounts to Rs. Then we just add some interesting vocabulary: TO: Many people commute to work by car simply because it is a quick and convenient way to travel. Online quiz to test your understanding of the four English sentence types; declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamative. If rich countries do not help, the situation will not change. 4,000 at 8% per annum on compound interest. The number of cars should be limited in city centers. Identifying Sentences as Simple, Compound or Complex. Cars cause air pollution. Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences. I learn this lesson and some math korlam .After it is very easy topic in Business Mathematics. Where simple sentences have one "a" compound sentence, on the other hand, has more than one. The rate percent per annum is ___. This is a free multiple-choice quiz … My Score is 58%. To: Another benefit is that mobile phones offer quick communication. Many people travel to work by car. A sum was put at simple interest at a certain rate for 2 years. For the higher-level candidates, avoid using simple sentence structures. 110.70. At the end of every year, he pays Rs. Sentence Agreement: Avoiding Faulty Collective Ownership, What is a Compound Sentence? There are 10 questions for easy grading and the answer key is provided. Also, identify the dependent and independent clauses. Simple, compound, complex, compound-complex, Compound, independent, dependent, subordinate, Simple, complex, subordinate, independent.

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