porter cable dovetail jig bit depth

For example, the three sub-$200 jigs require purchasing at least one additional router bit to make the three joints. You need a little room for the glue. I increased bit depth by a tiny amount, almost imperceptible on the routers depth scale, and tried it again. More often then not, that is exactly the problem. The slightly elliptical guide bushing on Leigh’s jigs lets you fine-tune a joint’s fit by rotating it a few thousandths of an inch. The joint is nice & tight & my alignment issues are just because I’m trying to get the basics down on some scrap for now. My issue is the freud bit has a line noting the minimum depth when inserted into the collet. Now the dovetails would go approximately halfway together with considerable persuasion indicating the bit was still too deep. Latest Forum Topics. 1/4 inch thick and I would have expected the depth measure should be set to around 1/4 inch to compensate for the thickness of the template. Projects We like the better visibility that comes from using a router table. It definitely looks like your depth setting is too shallow. (The jigs that use 8mm-shank bits include a reducer that fits into a 1⁄2 Might a bearing guided dovetail bit serve you better...? Bottom line: This is a reasonably priced, good jig for making half-blind and through-dovetail joints in stock up to 11" wide. After that just crank them through. You get templates for making typical half-blinds, through-dovetails, and box joints, as well as templates for making smaller versions of those same joints. (including optional box-joint bit) I kept the final test pieces and marked them with the bit depth, measured from it's base. ... 4" Porter-Cable router base with a 1/2" dovetail cutter However, things always seemed to be off. Tear-out doesn’t adequately describe how badly it got tore up. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Dovetail joints date back at least to ancient Egypt. Latest Blog Entries | Ya, the manual looks pretty good, except for the section on troubleshooting through dovetails. I do know that with through dovetails, the depth of cut has to be identical to the thickness of the stock you’re using. Dovetail Jig rave about the user-friendly features. Period. The manual says to set the depth gauges to 3/8” one at the very beginning. Latest Projects | 800-663-8932, leighjigs.com © 2020 Meredith Corporation. The jig comes with various depth guides to help with the cuts and that is what I have been using. All Rights Reserved. LJ will not be held liable for the actions of any user. The Porter-Cable 4216 and Rockler 22818 jigs come with everything except a straight bit for making box joints. Bottom line: Get this jig if you prefer working on a router table versus using a handheld router. PM me if you need any more help. This jig oozes quality and versatility, and with it you can make four types of joints right out of the box. The Leigh RTJ400 works on a router table to cut all joints. Questions and answers about CNC machines, tooling, best practices, and projects. If all your pieces are the same thickness, you only have to scribe the test piece and set the bit. When trying to cut through dovetails using the porter cable jig, I have to have the bit extend about 1/8 of an inch past the line on the freud bit in order to make the proper cuts for a through dovetail, otherwise the collet actually starts to rub up against the guide attached to the router opening. The three most common joints made on a dovetail jig are routed on the workpiece ends of square or rectangular assemblies. Full fingers on the Leigh Super 12 (bottom) can be spaced at any interval. You may want to get a Type 4 Musclechuck for your router. I have recently bought a Porter-Cable 4216 Dovetail Jig. Tonight I finally got the chance to mess around with the jig. The depth stops are not guaranteed to be properly adjusted. | Do Not Sell My Data 888-848-5175, portercable.com Both are 3/8” deep when they should be 1/2”. 800-279-4441, rockler.com The biggest hammer I have in the shop was not going to drive these together. I can take pics to show you what to do if you get confused. Kind of doubt I’ll ever go down the hand cut road, but you never know. I don’t even use them, instead I gauge the wood just like I would if I was to hand cut a dovetail. This is a video in a high school shop class setting. For the smoothest cuts, especially on tear-out-prone end grain, choose a router bit with shear (angled) cutting edges or downcut spiral edges. Tighten the nut (3/8 I believe) to lock the thumb screw in place. Then, a test cut or two should complete the process, and confirm the depth is right. I have a 4212 which is the same base as the 4216 but without the smaller template. | Copyright But the critical tiny screws and parts can be easily lost. I have a bosch 1617 plunge router. I have a 4216 that I’ve had for a year and it’s not even out of the box yet :(. To eliminate this time-consuming part of making dovetail joints, many woodworkers have a dedicated router, with the optimum bit depth set. This forum is for all the woodturners out there. I knew nothing about dovetails until recently & bagged a PC 4216 to learn on & for an upcoming project. This time I had perfect dovetails. My next 2 tries was on some 1/2” poplar & only had minor tearout. " for through-dovetails. According to the troubleshooting section of the jigs manual, this condition indicated the bit was too deep. -- Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things. It should be noted that most dovetail jig manufacturers indicate their bit depth recommendations are an approximation. Thanks for the info. Matching bit height to fit the test piece will get me closer. The best way I’ve heard to describe that “loose” fit is that you can tap the joint together with your hat. ”THROUGH DOVETAIL TROUBLESHOOTINGFor joints that are too loose, move the template toward you slightly.For joints that are too tight, move the template away from you slightly.”. tips? However my problem is not getting the right depth I believe. Proper setup is crucial to good results. Once you get a feel for adjusting bit depth to correct a condition, the process gets easier, and faster. The jig remained untouched after the initial setup, but yet I made a significant change in the resulting joints. Those who work with this 12-in. View and Download Porter-Cable 4212 (29550) instruction manual online. Throughout this procedure, I changed nothing but bit depth. Built-in clamps hold workpieces securely, and a backer board you provide prevents tear-out where the bit exits the wood. The first dovetails this setup produced were not even close. When you are ready to set your router depth (do this after you have set your template height and clamps) take the piece of wood and place it between the thumb screw and the bottom of the template. Using a jig is like having a couple extra hands helping out. Scrollsaw, Carving, and Decorative Projects, How To Sharpen Your Drill Bits With The Drill Doctor, What To Look For In A Battery Powered Circular Saw. Video VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 4212 (29550) tools … These pieces will be used as "gauges" when I need to cut dovetails in the future. It’s not clear whether they cut tails or pins first. First try I was using some junk 1/4” plywood… Lets just say it shouldn’t make gunshot type noises when you hit it with the router. 888-268-2487, cmtusa.com Tool Reviews You then get 3 large tails instead of a bunch of small ones. For $275, the Leigh Super 12 offers much of the D4R’s versatility and quality.

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