silicone oil refractive error

This unique arrangement allows our patients to receive more comprehensive care at the same location and avoid the anxiety of referring you outside to a new doctor, staff and location. © 2020 Retina Specialist | Fairfax, Virginia | Retinal Diseases. I have a retina detachment surgery two month before after that the silicon oil is removed from my eye .now I have a problem of multi photo that is during the night I can see 4 to 5 light of a single light is there is some problem. > Regards Isn’t the fact that I see color a good sign for the health of the macula (I don’t know if it got detached in the initial detachment)? I am highly myopic and recently went through a retinal detachment surgery. Do nothing which mean keep the silicond in his eye until the oil break down (did not know how long ) then remove oil and his eye together.That mean my son will lost his eye for ever. 2010;45(6):616–20. Refractive index (RI) of aqueous humor and vitreous fluid is 1.336. Indian J Ophthalmol., Tim here, thank you for the oil Info really helped. Aphakic eyes become less hyperopic when filled with silicone oil, whereas phakic eyes become more hyperopic when the vitreous cavity is filled with silicone oil. Next follow up is dated on 28th of August. I can only see the large E on the eye chart with my right eye. Çalik B, Öztürk M, Serdarogullari H, Elçioglu M. Evaluation of anterior segment parameters using pentacam in silicone oil-injected patients after pars plana vitrectomy. Realize that silicone oil usually is not associated with good vision and your eventual vision may be unrelated to the vision you have now with the oil. > Thanks in advanced Pre/postoperative axis length was 25.84 ± 3.28 mm, 25.85 ± 3.27 mm, respectively, without significant change (p = 0.9762, Paired T test). Though posterior surface radius of intraocular lens (IOL) has proved to be significantly associated with this refraction change, practically it is not convenient to acquire this parameter from manufactures and calculate the refractive shift for many physicians [7, 8]. Fairfax, VA. 22030, Hi doc why did I developed floaters after a focal laser macular edema treatment my doc said that they will eventually go away but I’m not sure now these is my left eye and the only I eye I can see good from I’m 29 years old and I’ve being diabetic for 15 years now on December 25 2013 I woke up with some blocking my right eye vision and I rushed my self to the e.r and was told I had a vitreous hemorrhage so they reffered to a retinal especialist I got injection treatment in both eyes and the laser treatment in my left eye my doc wanted to wait for my blood from my right eye to absorve it self but then on my next visit I told him that I felt that the bleeding was increasing so he did a scan and agreed there was a lot more blood so he scheduled me for a vitrectomy surgery the morning after the surgery he explained to me that he had problem removing the blood because it was really orgaanize and stuck to my retinah he said it was a rare case and ask if some one had punch me in the face my answer was no .so he said do to that he had to bring part of my retina with him and injected sillicon oil I only had to face down one day I got a follow up two weeks after and he checked and it was a good start up and wanted to see me in one month that month came yesterday with a bad news he said my retina is lifting up and most likely I will have to go for a second surgery but he wants to monitor it for one more week now I’m clue less and live day by day thinking what’s going to happend ……what’s is more likely for him to do in this new coming surgery????? Surgery is usually very, very successful…if that’s what he has. No such thing. Wishing you and your daughter the best! Effect of head position on refraction in aphakic and phakic silicone-filled eyes. I have had a total of 3 detatchments. 2). I’m mostly worries about the condition of my eye. I knew that normal was 20. recently I underwent Silicon Oil Vitrectomy due to macular hole and retinal tear ( 2 different surgery’s1 month apart the retinal tears was do to scare tissue after macular surgery )my dr says that I can never sleep or lay in a reclainer or I will go blind is this true my dr is not very good at explaining things please help Tim. Well Dexachlor worked and the eye got back in its original size (it was really swollen and painful) but in following doctor’s orders I kept taking it for a week after the episode every 4hrs. Refractive status and visual acuity changes after oil removal in eyes following phacovitrectomy, intraocular lens implantation, and silicone oil tamponade. Now he give us 3 scenario to choice what to do next The white part is the sclera. There are several possibilities why your sister may not be seeing. Sir, one more complex I got today that one vibrating point (may be bubble)occurred in my operated eye and passing from middle to right side and remain in the corner My Dr. advised not to be worried but I am afraid so far. Refractive error of SO-off was -1.88 ± 2.73D, and of SO-in was 2.02 ± 3.90. From that day July 3,2012 up to now my son eye does not get any detachment at all and the Dr. happied with the result but the last time we saw him on Oct.12,2012 after check my son eye he not quite happy and he told me that my son eye pressure really good and stable could be the sillicone block the hole so the fluid could not get into his eye and the vision almost zero. Or my eye? A short update from me, Dr. Wong. I hope you are able to get your surgery soon. It depends upon the health of the retina, the location of the oil, the surgeon and amount of oil. All significant levels were designated as 0.05. Never happened in my personal case. National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. The surgeon said there was some pieces of the membrane she could not remove but it was off of the retina and will not grow back. After 4-5 days of travel, her eye also sometimes become pinkish-reddish. Phakic eyes develop 5-7 diopters of hyperopia when the vitreous cavity is filled with silicone oil, and this puts them in the same range as the silicone oil filled aphakic eyes. One major concern with every retinal detachment is whether or not the macula becomes detached. It sometimes appears and at other times of the day disappears. He thinks it could be a stable subclinical detachment, but again we just have to wait and see if the fluid absorbs. If the answer you are receiving does not make sense to you, seek a second opinion. Retina Specialist Have you seen cases like this where very blurry with oil and correct to functional vision? I don’t want to bother posting if you are going to ignore my posts. I will do whatever i can, to safe my eye because im still young. So predicting degree of refractive shift of SO tamponade in these pseudophakic eyes is useful. I am concerned you really don’t know why you have DV. Hoffman A, Wolfer J, Occelli L, Lehenbauer TW, Sapienza J, Novak JM, Combs KL, Konrade KA. I hope with my broken English you will understand the problem we face and guide us to make the right decision for my son life The operated eye ball is still redish/pink though. Refractive state following retinal reattachment and silicone oil tamponade in dogs. I know this surgeon is trying his best, but he does not necessarily answer my questions. I know we have gr8doctor My two cents. When I go back for a follow up I ask some pinpoint questions which rarely ever get answered. 2. I usually don’t expect much useful vision after operating with silicone oil. Refractive shift of silicone oil tamponade in pseudophakic eye. Jpn J Ophthalmol. (Yay! Perhaps there is some confusion regarding silicone oil. Fingers X’ed. Piasecka K, Bednarski M, Michalewski J, Nawrocki J, Michalewska Z. Gao Q, Chen X, Ge J, Liu Y, Jiang Z, Lin Z, Liu Y. Wow! Hope it reads quick. Refractive outcomes of a single-step and a two-step approach for silicone oil removal and cataract surgery. Do you think this “discoloration” might improve with time? Please advise what would be that white big spot in my eye… you immediate response will be highly appreciated, I have no idea because I am unable to examine you. Now vision only see light and outline of objects; the eye is a little red and there is added hyperplasia on surface of the retina. My son retina is attached and he fell really good right now except he could not see on that eye So the Dr. now gave us two choice to make He suggested we do a scleral buckle only surgery. I liked her and tried to schedule visits in her office as much as possible. From the three formulas above, a theoretical formula of the total pseudophackic refractive power can be derived: D0: total refractive power of a pseudophakic eye Dc/D1: refractive power of cornea and IOL nv/ni/nh: RI of vitreous fluid, artificial lens and aqueous humor ria/rip: anterior and posterior radius of IOL d: distance from cornea to anterior surface of IOL (ACD). You have a very delicate, but no uncommon situation, please follow the advice of your docs.

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