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These ratios, the aliphatic hydrocarbon concentrations (relative to TOC), and the statistical findings from the multivariate techniques indicate strong signals of petroleum/industrial and biogenic/terrestrial aliphatic hydrocarbons in the Alexandria coastal region. Alkanes gained great technical importance through the various uses of crude oil. First Investigation of Seasonal Concentration Behaviors and Sources Assessment of Aliphatic Hydrocarbon in Waters and Sediments from Wadi El Bey, Tunisia, Hydrocarbons in soil and meltwater stream sediments near Artigas Antarctic Research Station: origin, sources and levels, Origin and distribution of hydrocarbons and organic matter in the surficial sediments of the Sfax-Kerkennah channel (Tunisia, Southern Mediterranean Sea), Organic Matter Pollution During the Spring Thaw in Hulun Lake Basin: Contribution of Multiform Human Activities, The Possibilities of Using Broadleaf Cattail Seeds (Typha latifolia L.) as Super Absorbents for Removing Aromatic Hydrocarbons (BTEX) from an Aqueous Solution, Spatio-temporal variability, distribution and sources of n-alkanes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in reef surface sediments of Kharg and Lark coral reefs, Persian Gulf, Iran, Adsorption process of n -alkanes onto BAX-1100 activated carbon: Theoretical estimation of isosteric heat of adsorption and energy distribution of heterogeneous surfaces, A new perspective of particle adsorption: Dispersed oil and granular materials interactions in simulated coastal environment, Organic Pollutants in Groundwater in the Former Airbase, Sources and contribution of terrestrial organic carbon in the Gulf of Mexico, Sources of hydrocarbons in sediments of the Mandovi estuary and the Marmugoa harbor, west coast of India, Particle size distribution of organic primary and secondary aerosol constituents in urban, background marine, and forest atmosphere, Lipid geochemistry of surficial sediments from the coastal environment of Egypt I. Aliphatic hydrocarbons — characterization and sources, Distributions and sources of bulk organic matter and aliphatic hydrocarbons in surface sediments of the Bohai Sea, China, Occurrence and distribution of hydrocarbons in surface sediments from Marseille Bay (France), Sand–pipeline–trench lateral interaction effects for shallow buried pipelines, Factors Affecting the Slope of Head Rice Yield vs. 2002). T, indicated that terrigenous input was higher than aquatic sources and the, presented a relatively uniform pattern, while the long chain. This difference was explained by the fact that, the gas behaves non-ideally at high pressure range. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. All the conducted experiments have shown a high sorption level of the analysed pollutions from an aqueous solution. Notably, a large portion of organic matter in Hulun Lake came from decomposing tumbleweed concentrated in the downstream section of one of the natural rivers. Copyright © 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. The total concentrations of n-alkanes ranged from 2109 ng g − 1 to 9096 ng g − 1 (, A large-deformation numerical methodology is applied to simulate the interaction effects for a pipeline installed in a trench backfilled with loosely deposited dry sand, focusing on shallow buried pipelines subjected to lateral displacements relative to the surrounding soil. region. 2007;Półka et al. Natural sources of n-alkanes of continental origin are mainly predominant in plants, such as biosynthesis of higher plants and cuticular wax derivatives of vascular plants (i.e. However, there were different conditions under actual environ- ment and simulated environment. Those pollutants can get into the ground and water beyond any control during catastrophes or due to inadequately managed waste and storage. The last study on n-alkanes in surface sediments of Taihu Lake was in 2000, only 13 surface sediment samples were analysed, in order to have a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of n-alkanes in the surface sediments of Taihu Lake, 41 surface sediment samples were analyzed by GC-MS. C10 to C37 were detected, the total concentrations of n-alkanes ranged from 2109 ng g−1 to 9096 ng g−1 (dry weight). are not well understood, yet they are important if we are to have a The compositional profile of PAHs showed that 2 and 3-ring PAHs were abundant at both sampling sites. The total n-alkane mass concentration (TNA) in total suspended particles (TSP) ranged from 72 to 1506 ng m−3 while the total metal concentration ranged from 5.6 to 28.6 μg m−3. Application of the proposed approach in the prediction of independent full-scale test results for a pipeline embedded in a shallow trench demonstrates its effectiveness, and underlines the effect of trench dimensioning on the response of the pipeline. IUPAC – A general system 8. Fibre selection is discussed comprehensively, and various natural and synthetic fibres and their characteristics are noted. • Carbon atoms can form stable bonds to many other elements (H, F, Cl, Br, I, O, N, S, P, etc.). 2012). After reading this chapter and completing ALL the exercises, a student can be able to. Samples of surficial bottom sediments collected from six main zones along the Alexandria coast (Egypt) have been analyzed and characterized in terms of their contents of biogenic and anthropogenic hydrocarbon biomarkers. marine sediments is poorly constrained. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Influences on the filtration process are listed. Glassware, was cleaned by heating at 450°C for 6 h and solvents were, distilled twice, chemicals (e.g. In this study, to determine the sources and composition of the organic matter in the Hulun Lake basin during the spring-thaw period, a total of twenty-three sampling sites were investigated. Alkanes are important raw materials for the chemical industry and are used as fuels for motors. (2002). Anthropogenic sources of n-alkanes include incomplete fossil fuel combustion, lubricant oils and biomass burning. Cycloalkanes and naming 7. The natural wax found near petroleum wells is a mixture of higher solid hydrocarbons. They have received increasing, complex, except for anthropogenic sources, such as petroleum, pollution, there are several natural sources of, such as terrestrial plant waxes, phytoplankton, bacteria, and. Distribution and sources of n-alkanes in surface sediments of Taihu Lake, China 51 the CPI calculated for short chain n-alkanes and long chain n-alkanes, respectively. The aerosol mass median diameter (MMD) was calculated by means of probit analysis on the cumulative mass concentration size distribution for each metals and n-alkane. The importance of the opportunities in the food and beverage industry for filtration products is observed, and the suitability of textile materials for filtration emphasised. The mass spectrum was operated in the, electron ionization (EI) mode (70 eV), and the mass scanning, to determine the concentrations of n-alkanes. sources of CH. 2009, Rosik-Dulewska et al. The artificial inflow river contributed more organic matter than the other tributaries. In general, these indexes indicated that the origin of aliphatic hydrocarbons affecting sediments and waters of Wadi El Bey were linked to both biogenic and petrogenic inputs, attesting the impact of plankton and terrestrial plants and of oil contamination, respectively. All rights reserved. 2008;Möller et al. studies, analyses are performed while considering only the critical state shear strength parameters of the backfill. Dryer fabrics perform all the preceding functions in a very hot and wet environment, and therefore must be manufactured accordingly. Conversely, the most biogenic compound class, namely n-alkanols, were evenly associated in the urban, background marine, and forest aerosol, between fine and coarse particles, and their corresponding total MMAD was 2.45, 2.69, and 1.67 μm, respectively. Oil is a mixture of liquid alkanes and other hydrocarbons.

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