spanish gerund worksheet pdf

]|cantar → cant. A very kind teacher who does everything possible to achieve your goals. For this quiz and worksheet, your understanding of the Spanish gerund form is tested. I frequently attend seminars to keep up to date with advances in teaching. If you want to start learning Spanish, improve your level, prepare for DELE exams or learn Spanish because you like it, contact me and I will design a plan adapted to you. - Feedback and tips to progress. %PDF-1.5 I am an online Spanish teacher certified by ELE international and I have a year of experience teaching private lessons. She puts a lot of effort in the preparation of classes & that makes me very motivated! To be able to look at Spanish now and have it appear largely familiar is extremely satisfying. Looking for a qualified experienced teacher at a reasonable price? For me languages are much more than a way to communicate with someone else. I even plan to study Italian with Elena after reaching my desired level in Spanish. Take language lessons with a native teacher, Spanish definite and indefinite articles - Fill in the blanks, Spanish definite articles - single choice question exercise, Spanish definite articles - fill in the blanks, Spanish indefinite articles - Single choice question exercise, Spanish indefinite articles - Fill in the blanks, Practice "lo" (neuter article) in Spanish, The gender of Spanish nouns: masculine and feminine, The gender of Spanish nouns - Fill in the blanks, Masculine and feminine endings practice quiz, Spanish diminutives (-ito) and augmentatives (-ote), Spanish diminutives and augmentatives practice quiz. GRAMMAR WORKSHEET ALL Things Grammar Grammar Focus Gerunds used as Objects Level Intermediate ANSWER KEY My Notes 1. swimming 2. driving 3. cooking 4. watching 5. cycling 6. reading 7. painting 8. skiing 9. skating 10. surfing 11. fishing 12. washing 13. hunting 14. dancing 15. She's committed to help her students and you can see it since the beginning. I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I live in Mallorca, an island of Spain. He was ashamed to admit that he had lied. Nadar es divertido. I've been studying with Montse for about 6-7 weeks now. 3 0 obj and at the same time! She speaks many languages any addition of Spanish so she's able to help if I don't understand in Spanish. I was born in Uruguay and I’m currently living in Chile. Me gusta nadar. ]|cruzar → cruz, [Taking a trip,/On the trip we got to know many villages. I would have no hesitation recommending her to anyone looking for a very competent teacher. 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She has an easy going personality that makes you very comfortable during the class! (read) 18. She always has a positive energy which is very encouraging. I travel a lot (for work and on vacation). First, the gerund isn’t a noun like in English. It was very kind of you to help me. I adapt my classes to your needs: improve fluency, grammar, pronunciation, find a job, travel, prepare an exam (DELE, SIELE). Learn about the gerund in Spanish grammar with Lingolia’s quick and easy examples, then put your knowledge to the test in the exercises. Hello, I am Fede, your teacher of Spanish and English. I have had experience in teaching though my internship experience in coLanguage, but also before doing some private lessons during the last year. Lourdes The free trial class was 1 hour and it felt exactly like the ones I paid for! (ski) 14. ]|hacer → hac, [The bus had an accident while leaving the station. To learn a language you have to "live" in it, that`s why my classes are based on practice and fun, to have an effective and lasting learning. Exercise to practice the Pretérito perfecto simple. My name is Patricia and I have been teaching Spanish for foreigners for 18 years. I am very serious about helping my students progress. - need to improve your pronunciation in Spanish, your fluency, your comprehension You will be given all sort of materials to use inside and outside the class. No other learning method I tried before meeting Elena compares to the one-on-one, personalized instruction I receive from her, which comprises reading; writing; developmental exercises; and most importantly, conversation. I love languages and communication, I am also interested in knowing different cultures and their history. - need Spanish to do business. endobj Use the imperfecto to complete the sentences. From the first class I had with her, my motivation has multiplied more and more. Spanish descriptive adjectives - Fill in the missing forms, Spanish demonstrative adjectives practice quiz, Spanish demonstrative adjectives - Fill in the blanks, Spanish possessive adjectives practice quiz. (admit) 16. ¿Do you know how to conjugate verbs in futuro próximo? ]|ver → v, [Crossing the street, we met my aunt.

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