vandal savage death

For a lich, that source would be their phylactery and the magic binding them to that object. When he discovered that Copernicus had neglected the asteroid hunt to write his book, Vandal Savage killed him. Ra's led a secretive faction called the League of Assassins, a power-broking terrorist organization that had caused Earth much misery. Despite Luthor's capture, he was freed during a prison break in Arkham Asylum and thusly returned back into the Light's ranks.
While not completely on board with the Ogdru's overall plan, Vandal did form an alliance with Grigori. It's not a matter of how, it's a matter of when. After 25,000 years of thirsting for power, Savage finally began to evolve in character as well as in strength and intellect. After the most recent fall of Camelot, Vandar found himself in the town of Little Spring, and wound up accidentally founding the Demon Knights. Using these premonitions to his advantage, Savage abandoned his tribe and simply disappeared. However, Savage remains an ever-present force of nature, unstoppable in every regard, and having lieutenants of all shapes, sizes, and unique powersets. However, being an immortal villain of endless intellect and experience, Savage would recover from these losses sooner or later. Eventually, Lionel would become too ambitious and kidnap Martians including a young child and when experimenting on him, alerted the Blackhawk Program and they forced him to brainwash Lionel and abandon his project. Using the boiling rage of Italians, Savage recruited the most prolific among them, Benito Mussolini, and selected him as Savage's proxy and leader of the growing party. He believed that this theoretic sub-species of humanity could also be formed through living in a very harsh and strict environment that disallowed them to engage in natural expression. In 121CE, Vandar heard of the Han Dynasty, one family that had controlled a vast empire for centuries. As Columbus, Savage discovered the future American territories, though had to comply with expected Spanish traditions and did ruthlessly slaughter and take captive many poor natives. The next day, he awoke and found himself adorned with vivid visions of humanity's future, their advancement of technologies, and coming dominance of the Earth. Along with Lex Luthor, Savage can be considered a spider-web, from which many points of evil throughout the Omniverse converge onto him. Where the rock came from was never known, but its radiation and heat transformed him for life. Savage's gift of eternal life stemmed from a fateful night during the Dawn of Mankind, when a radioactive meteorite slammed near his tribe's village. After poisoning Gustav with the help of a treacherous maid, Savage induced Audrey, his trusting fiancée, to take up her father's crown and rule Kaznia. The Justice League first encountered Vandal Savage when they returned to Earth and found it altered as a result of his tampering with history (apparently at the moment Savage's actions changed history, six of the League were protected by Green Lantern's ring as he moved the Javelin they had been using).
From there, Vandal oversaw as his prised pupil rose to power, creating militias of terror and fear, repressing any political dissent and overthrowing the monarchy in 1922. One spring, there was a territory dispute between his clan of Neanderthals and a group of Cro-Magnons. However, this didn't seem enough, and that disappointed Savage profusely. These supervillains all have access to a wealth of resources and manpower, which were crucial during Luthor's incursion and betrayal of the Hero Academy.

Now, Savage had two dictators implementing one theory of his, and another using his alternative method of controlling the human condition. As centuries passed and humanity grew more intelligent and aware of their surroundings and place on this Earth, Savage guided them along, remaining an ever-present force in human history. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Justice Society Villains" category. Species: Since then, The Light has expanded greatly, garnering seven new members that work in tandem with one another to achieve their own ends.

Savage would have relocated his base of operations in the Arabian Desert after complications with Rasputin over their paramilitary's ultimate objective. It's hotly debated whether Savage retains any sense of his original goals for humanity to prosper, which were more noble, or simply carries a more brutal, genocidal psyche with him after history had so violently defied him during the 20th century. These stories occur traditionally before history was formally recorded, and civilization developed completely. Vandal Savage is the oldest antagonist in the Arrowverse, being over 3,866 years old at his death.

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