what to do if someone is having a mental breakdown

You can easily relieve some of your stress by delegating professional and personal tasks to people that can do them. If you feel overwhelmed in helping call for help and when in doubt call 911 for emergency assistance. Are you usually the one that gets dinner ready at night, but you’re feeling a little extra tense? It is important to understand what is a mental breakdown and what causes the condition. Contact us to learn more about our renowned Los Angeles programs and how we can help you or your loved one start on the path to healing. If you feel overwhelmed in helping call for help and when in doubt call 911 for emergency assistance. Make sure you give yourself permission to do less without feeling like a failure. The crisis is brought on by stress, whether that is from a relationship, from work, from finances, from politics, or just the weird pressure of existence. She received her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Marquette University in 2011. There are many signs that can give you clues your son or daughter is beginning to move from the normal stresses of a college student’s daily life versus someone having an acute mental health crisis. Kathryn’s son had what is generally called a nervous breakdown, caused when someone is unable to deal with what feels like an overwhelming amount of stress or pressure. You might simply say "You're not alone. When someone is experiencing a nervous breakdown it is essential to make sure help is available, as overcoming this mental health is very challenging. Many times, sufferers of a mental breakdown are unable to function on a daily basis until their breakdown has been resolved. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Meditation and other stress busting activities like yoga have been known to be helpful for people susceptible to mental breakdown. Saying things like "Just calm down" may make the person become more upset, for example. Treatment was able to provide Josh and Jen the tools needed for coping with his anxiety, balance work and home, and provide a healthier environment for their growing family. Have their eating and exercise habits changed? A single glass of wine at dinner is pretty common and shouldn’t throw up any warning signs, but if that single class suddenly becomes a single bottle, you might want to consider seeing a mental health professional. The last thing you want to do is make someone feel guilty, unimportant, or ousted for having a mental health condition that, in some cases, influences how that person behaves in the world. A person in a nervous breakdown feels these pressures and stresses acutely, feeling frayed and unable to cope. Using active listening and clear communication can help diffuse the immediate situation by helping your loved one feel like someone is really listening. Meditation can help you regain focus on the present, giving you the opportunity to return to the tasks at hand. The fear involved in a nervous breakdown can feel overwhelming, even paralyzing. However, the most useful thing that you could do to help someone having a mental breakdown is to show that you care. Nervous breakdowns manifest differently for different people. Think about how the person has responded in the past to know what types of statements are comforting and which ones might set her off. This will help you figure out what thought patterns that lead you to feel certain ways. During this time a person will no longer be able to function normally and will endure copious amounts of anxiety and stress. Poor hygiene and a lack of interest in your personal appearance is a big sign that you’re slipping down the slope toward a mental break. They may have a friend or family member nearby who is better equipped to assist them. Another tip is to get them involved in physical activity like exercise and sports. For situations that don't involve an immediate threat, help your loved one schedule an appointment with her psychiatrist to ensure she gets the professional help she needs. In most cases, comprehensive treatment offers the best way to pave the path to recovery for your son or daughter. Your best bet for combating appearance issues is to just get back into your usual morning routine. Writing them down tends to help people forget them, and they become less likely to return. Licensed therapists will help patients understand what caused this mental health crisis and work with them to develop healthy coping mechanisms as well as teach strategies and relaxation techniques to prevent future breakdowns. It was challenging for me at first, but he naturally excelled to become an outstanding young attorney and was made Partner by the time he was 30. A parent needs to recognize the signs of a nervous breakdown to lessen its impact or to avoid it, and avoid the dangers of a prolonged case. Avoid thinking of yourself as a failure if you need to take a day off or if you don't meet every goal you set. Pay close attention and ask yourself these questions when wondering if someone is having a nervous breakdown. If you’ve begun to lose focus and concentration, it could be a sign that you’re far too stressed. Now he was able to solely focus on his recovery and learn how to manage stress to prevent future breakdowns. This particular sign goes beyond just causing yourself physical harm. The human spirit can take only so much stress, anxiety, and pressure before it falters. Learn to manage your stress with an online class, or read up on being stress free in the modern age with this article. Calling 911 is an option in a highly volatile situation that is potentially life-threatening. Photoshop vs Illustrator: Which Work Best for You? Also learn to structure your time. Take a class to stop stress-eating. It confirmed everything that my therapist was telling me to do, and, "It helped me calm down fast and realize that my breakdown was all just in my head. Worried that you’re headed for a mental breakdown? People who are stressed don’t want to be in social situations because they can add to their stress levels. In a residential program (which included an especially helpful family component), Kathryn and Tom were able to work together to untangle the stresses that had pushed him into his nervous breakdown. If at any point you feel that you cannot handle them you should get them to consult a healthcare professional. Like Kathryn, you can’t protect your children from everything, especially not now that they’re adults. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Steps. You don't need a million people you can trust, one will do. Ensure he continues getting the professional mental health care he needs to avoid future crisis situations. This may be hard if you don't want to disclose exactly what happened to you. Everything just always fell into place for Josh and he had it all—a successful career, an active social life and, of course, met and married the perfect woman. "Do you want to talk about it? ", "Structuring time and activity, building short-term goals.". People who are depressed frequently have no appetite, and depression is another symptom of a mental breakdown. A mental health professional will be able to better help you relieve the violent thoughts, but if you need some relief now, try one of the three tips below.

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