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If the modem is not using frequencies above 1002 MHz, install a MoCA filter on the modem’s coax input.

I turned MOCA off, unsure of how these devices show up when the coaxial cable runs directly to the box (meaning no jacks in my home are active... nor is any device connected to them to begin with) and lived happily knowing I will never use that feature. Brandon, Do you have 2.0 Actiontecs in the lab to confirm this can work? There was a problem completing your request. I assumed there was a filter at the input tap, but just checked and there is none. I'm trying to set up an Actiontec ECB6200 adapter for ethernet in my room. Moca Xfinity New Comcast Qa jobs added daily. Reviewed in the United States on August 28, 2019. The Xb3 will become the network controller. If I call Comcast, can I get this installed for free? Once I added this filter all those foreign MOCA devices disappeared for good. See and discover other items: ethernet coax, moca poe filter, Best ota dvr recorders for tv, Satellite Modems, xfinity x1 There's a problem loading this menu right now. The device DOES NOT PASS DC and will be destroyed if DC is applied to the device. I was very happy with this performance for the money. After numerous attempts to contact the disobliging monopoly ISP who relentlessly asking me to reboot the modem, I decided to fix it on my own. X1 brings your live TV, sports, streaming, and music together. Currently that is how my setup is but I am only seeing MOCA 1.1 speeds which is the reason for this post. Both of these will work. I then plugged it in before my MoCA network at the entrance to my coax run and there is no degradation of my cable speeds so there does not seem to be any any attenuation loss. Let me know if there are any other questions or assistance I can offer. After googling a lot about moca filters. With premium channels, sports packages, ad-free subscription On Demand, and international programming. We can help with: technical issues, general service questions, upgrades & downgrades, new accounts & transfers, disconnect requests, credit requests and more. If not, you could seperate the moca network until moca 2.0 is enabled on all X1 boxes. Would one of the newer Arris moca capable bridges be able to become a 2.0 network controller?

Thanks for all your help and responses. (Primarily looking for whether the Internet connection is using frequencies above 1002 MHz.) I did some shopping for a MoCA PoE filter and this seemed like the best (most trustworthy) option, so I bought it. Bridge mode and Moca should never be enabled at the same time on the xb3. Yeah. I ran an iPerf3 1GB transfer test and was getting a solid 800Mbit between 2 nodes. You could always install the MoCa filter there and avoid the ladder least for that specifically. That should fix your issues. With the best entertainment experience, built for the latest technology and all the ways you watch. I've posted specs and links below. I haven't logged into an actiontec before to see what type of configuration is in there, but if there is a way to enable it to be the preferred network controller, it may force the moca 2 communication to the moca 2 enabled devices. Have been using Mini and romio ...for about 4 years now with no problems. I would like to know what every one else thinks and which is better. Change your WiFi password. I don’t know what the selectable channels are on a BOLT (which has standard MoCA 2.0 functionality), but here are the TiVo MoCA channel numbers and associated center frequencies from a Roamio Pro (sporting MoCA 1.1): MoCA 1.1 channels and associated frequencies: Since the set-top box uses the internet to authenticate. Peacock and related marks are trademarks of Peacock LLC. I installed it on the coax wall jack near the DVR. 1200 MHz systems are probably years away.

The amp which the OP had installed was supposed to be MoCA compatible. ELIMINATE CABLE MODEM RENTAL FEES UP TO 156 DOLLARS PER YEAR. Process of elimination of what? Search for the music you love, or listen to something new. Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2020. So the setup would be coax from wall>in to adapter>ethernet to device/coax out to any existing devices on coax.

MOCA is enabled on everything except the XB3.

I could not live without TiVo... FWIW there are MoCA compatible powered splitters out there. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. You would only need to do this if you can't separate the moca networks. What's wrong with the one you already have? If the modem is not using frequencies above 1002 MHz, install a MoCA filter on the modem’s coax input.

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I set it up as a bridge mode, enabled MOCA, make it the preferred network controller and rebooted all the actiontec MOCA extenders. We can help with: technical issues, general service questions, upgrades & downgrades, new accounts & transfers, disconnect requests, credit requests and more.

Yep, security. The actiontecs are very limited in their configuration setup.

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The one that is there now comcast put in. Customize your plan, your way. I did not bother to call them about it because I don't trust the CSR who answers to either understand the question or give me honest answers anyway, sorry to say. Since MoCa is enabled on the modem then you just need to use the adapters where you want to. It is a technology used to inject information - things like video, music, and Internet - through the existing cable lines in your home, instead of having to run dedicated ethernet cables or … You absolutely need one for your MOCA network, Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2020. I think this leaves me out of options unless you have an idea of a workaround. I bought a MoCA PoE filter because I was trying to lock down my home network/WiFi security, and I read about the need for such a filter, and I could not find any filter installed by Comcast at my service entrance. Anyone at Comcast able to elaborate on the MOCA technology and if the DVRs are indeed just running 1.1 limits using 2.0 hardware? PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR SATELLITE DBS APPLICATIONS.

Do you know why MOCA 1.1 is only enabled on the XG1/XG2? Does anyone have any suggestions for the setup I have? I have the older T862G Arris running in bridge mode but if this is something that can be done, I would love to switch it out and get it working. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. I have a unit in the back that requires some overhead ethernet run that would be far too expensive. How to Set Up a Coax (MoCA) Network: Like many existing homes, my parents' home has a limited wired Ethernet network and a wireless (Wi-Fi) network covering the rest. An effortless experience gives you your favorite entertainment, from live TV to DVR and Netflix, in one place with our Voice Remote. Kick back with exclusive Originals, mega-hit movies, shows, and more on Peacock. 5 minutes in the store and the CS rep swapped out my 3 boxes and fixed other issues that came out from the 3 chats (extra DVR charges). Make sure you have a MoCA PoE filter if your house has coax and Xfinity XFi. All Rights Reserved. Are the moca extenders in the same locations as the X1 boxes? All the boxes I have in my household are now MOCA 2.0 certified, but it seems like they aren't enabled to 2.0 still. Bottom line, so far I think I've pulled it off. I spent several hours trying to connect stuff around, but to no avail. [RANT] Can no longer access modem interface?

We’re talking your entire channel lineup at home.

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